Home Photography Nikon D500 Review vs Canon 7D Mk II, Nikon D7200, D5

Nikon D500 Review vs Canon 7D Mk II, Nikon D7200, D5

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NOTE: The D5 now allows 30-minute recording in 4K mode, with firmware 1.1 The Nikon D500 is the best wildlife camera ever made! Grab it for $2000 on …


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  1. Anybody have an opinion on shooting indoor sports? D750 vs D500. I'm afraid that the D500 won't perform as well in low-light, fluorescent lighting as compared to the D750.

  2. If there were no one finding fault, where would we be, have all your books, love my Oly m-d markII and will have to more up to the d500, watching hurt my budget, I live right in the middle of the redwoods and fly way so out in the rain and shooting Thank you.

  3. Do you think the D7200 is a worthwhile upgrade from the D5300? Trying to decide if it's worth forking out the money for the D500. From what I have seen the D7500 isn't worth getting over the D7200.

  4. Hello Tony. Loved the video. I have been obsessing over the D500 for about 6 months now and I initially decided to transition to the D500 from my D3400. After extensive research, I started shifting towards the D750, but now I am ping-ponging between the two. I still have considerable time since I am currently upgrading to full frame glass, which makes a very big difference, but as of right now, I am still on the fence. I currently shoot a lot of church and indoor party events. Church services can get very animated and is mostly indoors in what may be considered low light. Events (Not Weddings) are comparable to receptions and I shoot a lot of anniversaries, birthdays and reunions, which all tend to happen indoors in a reception hall of some sorts. The lack of an AA filter on the D500 is a major plus but what really impresses me about the D500 is the control scheme,  the sensors low light performance, and overall usability. The D500 is clearly the Mac-Daddy of APS-C cameras, but would I be better served getting the robust and feature rich body, disregard the discrepancies between full frame low-light and jump head-first to a D500, or consider a D750, which is a few years old now but according to one of your recent videos with Jared Polin, the D750 and the D850 are one of Nikons greatest cameras ever produced by the company. The D750 is no slouch and less expensive but again, i would like a camera that will perform well and will last me a long time. Thanks in advance and keep inspiring us all as you and Chelsea regularly do.

  5. Hey Tony… An Armature Photographer who loves Wedding Photography but torn between the D750 and D500, can you help me choose? I am currently using a D5500 and ready for the upgrade.

  6. Thanks for this excellent review. I knew it already…but now it´s official…I´ll have to switch to Nikon for wildlife. D500 + 200-500 just has no match in the Canon world. Sad but true, even now in 2019 🙂

  7. Hi Tony / Chelsea,
    I want to know ur opinion, especially now that we are in 2019, a D500 would be around $1500, D7500 $850 n D7200 $700. Shud I go for D7500/ D7200 /D500 ? I shoot wildlife coz I live in Africa but not BIF. I am not a professional but do photography as a hobby. I currently own two D7100s and quite happy though I needed a better and newer model especially for buffer. Most wildlife is stationary or slow moving ( Lions, Leopards, elephants etc ).
    Let me know coz for a price of d500 I cud get both a d7200 and d7500 together

  8. D7500 the Snap Bridge worked great till they did a update I think it was in March 2019 Was so bad it froze my camera things in my camera didn't work right it was doing strange things with the blue tooth if my blue tooth was on in my car. Can't even tell u how bad this works I called everyone to bring it to there attention had to pull battery. I had to delete it from my cell phone. I really hope they fix all the bugs soon. I miss it to send a quick pic to a friend.

  9. Well, I've been thinking about getting a D500 for some time now after watching Mark Smith's video's and now that I've came across your video, I have made my decision and it will be my next camera purchase. I have the D7200 and the D810 and I do have trouble with birds in flight with both so I'll give the D500 a shot. Thanks for the great comparisons and a great video!

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