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Nikon D5 Review

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Buy the Nikon D5 on Amazon http://help.tc/d5 or D810 on Amazon http://help.tc/d810 Table of contents: 00:00 Introduction 00:29 Sharpness 00:49 Dynamic …


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  1. I've been on the fence to switch systems for quite some time. This demo helped me out in many ways as I like the way that you and Chelsea approached the subject with an intuitive and casual demeanor. As a Sony shooter for several years, I've grown long in the tooth with how the company handles their product updates and customer support. Not even the A7 series cameras are enough to make up for the shortfalls in this area. While the Canon has always impressed me, I simply prefer the Nikon glass over that of Canon. I was debating between the D5 and the 810 and this video helped. I plan to buy your book soon after writing this review.

  2. Peter Bucek I noticed the shitty 18-55mm kit lens that came with the Canon M3 does something similar; the center of the frame gets way more blur which diminishes a bit as you get to the corners. Gives a trippy tunnel-like bokeh. Peculiar.

  3. Why not use the Nikon D5 to make the video of this review? Why use another camera? We could have seen 18 minute video from the Nikon D5 sensor itself and you didn't do it.

  4. Not the most expensive Nikon body, the Nikon D3x body's were $8,000 each. And worth every penny. A lot of the top fashion photographers used them, there image quality is still amazing.

  5. Nikon D5:
    Best ISO noise performance ever in a DSLR
    Best AF system ever in a DSLR

    Canon 1DX mark II:
    Fastest framerate ever in a DSLR
    Best video features ever in a DSLR

    Nikon D810:
    Best Dynamic Range & Color Depth in a DSLR

    Caonon 5DS R: World's sharpest DSLR

    Canon 5D mark IV: Best all-round DSLR

  6. With the D810 at 3 million ISO, you can barely see Chelsea, the real picture. In the D5 at that same ISO you can clearly see the picture; the noise is egregious but the colors are actually not too far off. In the D810 it's just hot pink.

  7. Really? You compare ISO64 (D810) to ISO100 (D5) Pictures and wonder, why ISO100 pictures are more noisy? I own both bodys, and compared with the same ISO there is no difference in lower ISO settings. Up to ISO 10000 the D5 is unbeatable.

  8. I think you missed the point of the D5. You can't compare it to any other camera other than the Canon 1Dx mark2. Both are great , rugged pro spec cameras that are made to be used every day in all situations. If you want video buy a video camera. If you want silent buy a mirrorless Sony A9. The D5 is the best camera I have ever used. You are right when you say have an 850 for large file shots or magazine covers. But for 80% of commercial work the D5 is amazing and worth the money.

  9. When I first watched this video, I didn't know about the most expensive DSLR Nikon ever made. The Nikon D3X. When released it retailed for $8000! It featured a 24MP full frame sensor that is still rated very highly for it's color depth and dynamic range. I recently found a D3X in a like-new condition for $1000. Great images in a tough body. Love your channel!

  10. The way camera technology progresses, at that price, there is no reason for a D5. The D750 beats it. The D800 beats it, the D810 beats it, the D850 beats it, the Z6 beats it, the Z7 beats it, the D500 beats it. $6500 for a full frame camera is absurd

  11. The D7200 or Canon 5DS sensor does matter if you don't get the shot in the first place and that is why these camera's are so expensive and preferred by most professionals. I have always used and loved the Nikon pro bodies, currently I use two D4S'. With their faster frame rate and better autofocus system's the D4S and D5 rarely misses a shot and gives you so many more keepers than other camera's will. Also it's very important to me that a camera is built tough and weather sealed like these are and the huge batteries in them mean you rarely have to charge them.

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