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Nikon D3400 Hands-on First Impression

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We take a look at Nikon’s latest entry level DSLR – the D3400 (http://bit.ly/NiknD3400). But first we have to get to Nikon’s booth. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/HandsON16 …


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  1. Three thoughts:

    1.) Nikon couldn't send any actual Japanese people to the show? How else are we supposed to know how to pronounce your company?

    2.) Courage to put on Bavarian costumes in public, but when it comes to a fake moustache, wouldn't do a Hitler one?

    3.) The D3400 deserves a bitch slap for dropping the sensor dust clean function and having a weaker flash than the D3300.

  2. hello i wanna purchase a camera but confused in choosing a camera so, can you give a detailed description and difference between NIKON-D3300 vs D3400 vs D5300 or a mirroless camera, I am a beginner, which is best and preferred for normal usage.

  3. Damn….the KeyMission camera looks like the G-Shock of cameras…my Garmin looks like it can barely touch water….but easily tougher than the camera

    It looks really…really…really rugged

  4. Nikon is like hey lets put a useless bluetooth feature in and call it d3300, hey lets add 60p and name it d3400,let me guess what will come next – hey let us give the liveview lcd a higher resolution and call it d3500 xd

  5. I hate when people do a video and don't mention what lens they're using in the description, or even mention if the video is being shot with the camera in the title

  6. dear assholes who made the video, you put in like 20 seconds worth of video with the actual camera in the title and say "video shot with the D3400". lol, so what camera is shooting the rest of the video?

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