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Nikon D300 First Hands-on Review – DigitalRev.com

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The world’s first video review of the Nikon D300, brought to you by http://www.digitalrev.com. Stay tuned for more. More Nikon Products Pricing Reference: …


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  1. The D300 is a great camera, so buy one. The only thing is to get good and I mean GOOD lenses!! The lenses are everything. A photo taken with a D70 with good lenses is going to be better than a D300 or higher spec with entry level lenses.

  2. I've got a D300 and I love it! BUT!! I'm now in the process of ditching all of my bog standard lenses to get some good pro standard lenses because the lenses are everything! You wouldn't put cheap tyres on a Ferrari would you??? Huh!…HUH!!… WOULD YOU!!!! HUH…HUHHH!!!…WOULD YOU!!!!

  3. Since you so badly want to say Nikon in the "american way" like Naikon (japanese written version of american) let's start saying Ceinon instead of Canon or Sonui instead of Sony or Jeipein instead of Japan. The japanese invented the brand so it's only right it's spelled the way they created it.

  4. @99falc Right UR. Super fine pronounciation is "Neekau''n". Last n low stress (like silent) — see wiki/Nikon – find actual audio OGG file.

  5. Would the D300 still be a competent camera even today? I'm thinking of upgrading from my D3100 to this, but I'm not sure. I have several AI lenses for my D3100 that I use manually and love, somewhat more than AF lenses, and I saw that the D300 can actually meter the post 1977 lenses.

  6. You don't really need to care too much about the way he pronounce it. Nikon is originally a Japanese brand so the name should be pronounced the Japanese way which is exactly "ni:ko:n"

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