Home Photography Nikon COOLPIX P80 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

Nikon COOLPIX P80 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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The Nikon P80 is one of the smallest cameras in the 18x optical zoom range. More COOLPIX Products Pricing Reference: …


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  1. I know! I'm getting one for my birthday, about 2 months early actually. I'm not waiting till the 28th of december. How is the picture quality? i hear they are spectacular for a digital point and shoot.

  2. Well, you can't beat DSLR quality, however, for the price, this beats anything you can get in quality for a point and shoot with a larger lens. I say get this if you're looking to take great everyday pictures. I used my friends for some landscape and candid photos downtown and they're great shots! awesome quality for a starter to intermediate.

    Can someone help me choose between:
    Sony DSC Hx1
    Nikon P80
    Nikon P90
    Or should i pick another (of course based on that style and price)

  4. well quality, i cannot comment on; as i have a P80. before the P90 came out, i would say the P80 was the best point and shoot camera in the Nikon department. takes great pictures, and wonderful features. BUT then came along the P90, which is pretty much the same, the look exactly the same, except it it has a few more features, like a farther zoom, and a higher megapixel resolution. so yeah, go with the P90. i would imagine it's a fantastic camera.

  5. No kidding. And as long as you don't care about having the very newest model, you can get lots of great gear USED. All my Nikon bodies (F4, D1, D100, D2x), my Mamiya, my Canon XL2 and all my various lenses were bought used, mostly through Craigslist.

  6. DSLRs are like 2, 3, 4x more expensive. You need bulky bags to carry multiple lenses. Nice lenses are extremely expensive and some cost half of a super-zoom. Constantly switching lenses will mean more chances of getting dust between lens and body.

    I own a DSLR and more times than not, I bring my super zoom because I don't want to keep fidgeting around with that stuff. They can take near DLSR quality pics, assuming you're not a pixel nazi that views 10MP+ photos at 100%.

  7. old superzoom camera, only now has superzooms been abit more popular. i Recommend the Fuji HS20 with 30x opitical zoom auto or manuel focus n sweeping panoramic as well as slow motion video

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