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Nikon 1 J5 Hands-On Preview

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We got invited to Nikon HQ to take a sneak peak at the new 1 J5. Here’s a quick overview of the specs, hands-on and a little surprise…a Kinder one… Pricing …


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  1. 2 years ago you guys had really good videos with a lot of information and tricks for me to learn. now, you just produce sensless, boring and not even funny videos. You should start thinking about your videos when the amount of positiv thumbs equal the negative!!!

  2. What's up with Nikon? Why even add 4K video, if you can't bump it up from 15fps. Come on Nikon, you're lagging behind – again! And what about build quality? You make a nice looking camera, I'll give you that, but plastic? Bah humbug!!!

  3. The Nikon 1 V3 is a great second camera, which is better specified than this one. The smaller sensor doesn't bother me: just enough, but the 1 lenses are very good, and that makes a lot of difference. You can shove a nikon 1 70-300 on this and get 189-810mm for the weight of a DSLR body MINUS a lens, so, that is an advantage. It is compact, transportable, and useful for action, street and very discrete shooting. The J5 is a stripped down version, but has a slightly improved sensor, is excellent value, and if anyone wants a small yet versatile camera without going for ultra-expensive and very heavy gear, I would recommend it. Plus, you find an action camera with a hybrid AF system as fast as on these cameras, and a 20fps burst rate (up to 60fps on the V3), try your luck! That is actually faster than a D4S and EOS 1 D X! And don't be put off by the constant bombardment of "oh but the sensor is small/ noise/ etc. Ask yourself: are you going to be regularly printing out night/ low light shots that you couldn't mount the camera on a tripod to take? You can get lenses to f/1.2 for this camera too, so, pretty fast glass

  4. I have a J5 with a super telephoto len CX 70-300 mm VR lens(810mm equivalent). I love it is a cost effective system to reach out to the birds and nature photography. The picture quality is excellent.

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