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News, Booze & Reviews 21: Centr Camera, Parrot Bebop & "From Boring to Scoring!"

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  1. Regarding 4K and how Tony was saying how the next gen iPad is rumoured to have 4K… I think its actually pointless and a waste of processor power to give such a small screen 4K.

    For the big televisions people have, sure (even though very few people I know these days even own televisions xD) I can see the benefit of 4K, but on smart phones and tablets the whole resolution wars is nonsense, because you can't even SEE the difference with regular use! In fact, its been that case since the iPhone 4; the whole "retina display" thing was meant to kill the resolutions wars outright by having the resolution higher than what the eye can detect without squinting at a screen. Same with iPads; we've already reached saturation point, giving it 4K is pointless.

  2. I was all set to buy the book a week ago but I was also looking for those T-shirts that Chelsea had mentioned in an earlier video. I'm not sure which video it was or when it was first uploaded. It may have been really old.  Are there any more Ts?  I only ask because I don't want to pay separate shipping and handling fees. Thanks!

  3. Something from this video that is almost never discussed, is that there is no taboo against going back to retake a shot over and over and over.

    Some of my best shots are ones that I've retaken, maybe several times. Either after I've learned something new, or after I've gotten better equipment that would allow me to do more or better with a shot.

    Thank you for including that today.

  4. Like your videos a lot, thanks for making these, love to see more. Is there any chance you guys can make some review on Sony RX1r and the new Lytro camera. I'm really interested in the idea of the lytro camera but never seen any in-depth review on it. Thanks

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