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  1. Awesome channel. Watching your video's and dream away.
    I stil shot with my 13yr old camera Canon EOS 40d. Works perfect for me, No video recording that is the downside.

  2. Dang missed the giveaway. Lol. Fav item in cage… That canon 1dx mark II ! Just getting started and have a canon rebel t5 and would love an awesome camera like yours! Man u have so much cool equipment! Well deserved your work is unspeakably amazing! Love from Houston!

  3. Have you checked out Airsoft yet Pete? I know you’re a Nerf guy but if you want something a little more realistic in terms of gun mechanics and replicas I highly recommend it.

  4. I've been following and watching Peter since the beginning when he set up his closet with shelving so he could fit a few things in there.

    I remember when 100k was a major milestone and he made a special video for it and when he talked about how many jobs he had because he never felt they were right for him.

    Seeing his dream being manifested and seeing how far he's come makes me glossy eyed….

    He is an inspiration. Thank you Peter for inspiring us to follow our dreams.

  5. Possibly use the wall to start a YouTube series a single photo for every video and at the end of the year you go through every photo on the wall one by one explaining different steps for different parts of Photography you use for each photo you can start with Landscapes and portraits macro different lighting or color gray simply showing each photo from a video you put up describing one of the things you taught us then you have the entire series of photos at the end of the year to explain each photos purpose in photography

  6. This Cage is awesome. ❤️👌🏼. I'm gonna buy a Sony A7 III + sony 85mm 1.8/f lens. After watching your videos I decided to buy this Budget camera for Photography. I hope one day I may grow like you with my shooting and editing skills.

  7. I'm having a hard time finding a good way to keep my digital clutter and photographs organized. Any tips/suggestions? Categorizing a certain way? And I'm asking everyone in the comment section as well as Peter. Thanks everyone! 😊

  8. wow.. dream setup, what would be cool if you use Kaizenfoam in the draws to get all organized, myself i just use it for organizing my toolbox (woodworker) and feel great every time you open the draw. wonderfull channel, will keep watching, Greetings from Belgium

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