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Motivation to keep going

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  1. Woah… guy looks pretty creepy to me. Would think you're homeless when you pop out on the street in my country. And touching the book the way you did with your ugly, yellow/orange and probably moist little fingers doesn't make it better. Disgusting.

  2. like the way you talk about perfect vs. good! My old boss always told me "the enemy of good is perfect" and as a web designer, I have always lived after that statement. You can always make things better… But 9/10 times no one will see the difference in what you think is good or perfect after spending hours on a project.

  3. You should do a cross over with the guys from Corridor Digital; different styles but, I imagine, a lot of similar interests and creativity…could produce some spectacular results, just sayin'…

  4. god i love your channel. I been on your channel watching so many of your inspiring vids. It push me even more to work on my own channel. I have no idea what my theme is but your channel is giving me more and more motivation to keep working at it. and what a coincidence i landed on this vid before I was done watching vids for the day. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  5. Thinking about the things I should have done but let the anxiety get to me, so now re-energizing with motivational channels like yours Peter, all while enjoying Covid free New Zealand.

  6. So I've been going through old Peter McKinnon videos because theyre really fun to watch, I really like Peter and yeah, anyway….at 2:30 he mentions a netflix show, I went to check it out, it combines, travel, food, design, all beautifully shot and it's just yes! it's my favourite things in 1 show.

  7. Enjoyed it. Yeah, more is good. You inspire this 70+-year-old. I do wonder what you thought you'd accomplish when you first created a YouTube channel and posted to it. Something says I should do it, something says I shouldn't. My story is I'm a bit of an author, a bit of a once upon a time ago guy studying photojournalism in college, a short-lived architectural photographer, hell, now that I think about it I was even the ship's photographer on my ship while in the Navy. I even had a close encounter with a Soviet Union warship during the Cold War days, I wonder if Ektachrome slides hold up after almost 50 years? Thanks for what you do. Hoping only the best for you and your family.

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