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Mavic Mini will CRASH: Review & Giveaway

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  1. You are incorrect about the Mini still having the issue of props in the shot. Tilting the gimbal to its maximum up position still doesn't get the props in the shot. The thing that you experienced was wind so powerful (and tiny drone) that the Mini had to pitch down so much that the gimbal physically couldn't "look up" that much for it to compensate. There is no software trickery going on to prevent props in the shot, there's just the software trickery pitching the drone down to fight the wind.

  2. Just a small comment the 250g limit means a lot more in some countries than others. Take for example Canada. Above 250g you must (amongst other things) take a course and get a certificate to fly a drone and stay at least 100 ft from bystanders, vehicles, and buildings. Below 250g there are no specific rules just the warning to "fly responsibly". So ya those few grams make a huge difference here in Canada.

  3. Thanks for finally reviewing, all good points, especially since will be first drone for me. If not this one, what is best for first timer? Also, must be desert southwest dry in CT right now, dude you need some Blistex bad!

  4. Well I am new to drones but always was interested in learning how to do photography with a drone n camera glad to find your channel today as it covers both. Awesum but still got to save up enough to buy one that's half good. The Mav mini seem to take good pics . Would be good for filming the coast n waterfalls n crocs where I live I think it being so small a good take anywhere drone

  5. Finally a video which discusses the wind issue with the Mini, I just lost my Mavic Mini as it did descend slowly into the water in a lake! according to DJI support team after analysing data, it was the strong wind although wind speed was 11 mph max but I guess it was different at higher altitude, DJI said there was insufficient power for the drone to respond to my instructions to fly upwards or forward away from the water, although the battery had still 68% charge in it.
    Anyway yes it doesn't do good with Wind

  6. Tony can you do me a favor if you still own the Anafi. Looking at the prop screws on the DJI mini they look to be close to what the Anafi uses. I would like to know if they are the same size as the Anafi's screws. Thanks if you can find out.

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  8. Interesting review. I agree with the basic premise the Mavic Mini has a bunch of limitations (I wouldn't call them flaws as they were clearly part of the design constraints in building a 249 gram drone) and as a consumer we should be aware of them. I purchased a Mavic Mini – the flexibility in where I could fly because of the 249g weight was compelling. 

    One thing to be aware of – wind warnings only come when you are flying INTO the wind or it is blowing sideways. If you are flying with a tailwind – no warnings – until you try to fly back…. My mini went down when I was returning back – approximately 2k from home (sport mode couldn't overcome the wind to get back before the battery died). Fortunately I was able to find it via the GPS location. Rookie mistake though 🙁 and something to keep in mind.

  9. The only thing I disagree with you on is NOT buying the Fly More Combo. For $100 more, you get two extra batteries and a battery hub/storage, more props, and a nice case. Well worth the $100.

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