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Lytro Illum Review

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  1. Having the Lytro camera for 2 years, took about 135 pictures and the camera stopped working. Tried all the reset methods and contacted Lytros custumer service (Jeffrey Moskovic ) who after 1 month of exchanging emails, told me that my camera is out of warranty and he sent me the link to buy a new camera because there is nothing Lytro can do at this point.
    I was very disappointed. Taking 135 pictures !!!!!! and the camera stopped working and this is the answer you get from the customer service of Lytro ??

  2. I own this camera, and I am warning you to not waist your time. If you are a photographer looking for a new experience, try video/film.

    I thought this would be a good idea to find a good niche and use this technology, but even with the unique technology, there is no effective or efficient way to use this camera.

    Sorry Lytro :/

  3. The actual footage looks like a cheesy blur effect done in post. What's the point of this $1600 camera if I can get superior results using a DSLR for video, with some 15mm rods and a follow focus?

    It seems like this camera is solving a problem that doesn't exist.

  4. HOW TO TAKE MY HAT OFF TO THESE PEOPLE, they do the most detailed reviews online, and they know there software big time, learning new software for a review is awesome and I'm so grateful, as I am not not going to buy this camera lol, seems like to much hard work for the results

  5. Remind me again why light field cameras matter worth a damn if all they can do is basically give the look of a poorly-edited, shitty photograph? Those perspective shift effects and that dof blur look just awful.

    That depth mapping problem is ridiculous. Looks as if someone just used a magic wand tool in Photoshop and added a gaussian blur effect. Just awful.

  6. I remember before this was about to come out 2yrs ago everyone thought this was going to change the game. Now here we are 2yrs later, it's price has dropped to $300 and no one wants one cuz they're garbage.

  7. To be honest, it's definitely underperforming for its price, even though you're probably paying a lot for the technology, including the seemingly very fancy touchscreen. But as for image-quality and so on it's not good enough to pay even over a thousand Dollars for. – Also their previous camera was really not good enough for its time, the image quality looked from a 10 year older digital camera.
    But this thing is also kinda slow and it crashes and has problems with its own technology like the depth-mapping… Unacceptable. They didn't develop it enough to put onto the market, it's like how a lot of products these days are released, at least software.

  8. Chelsea, I guess this camera is one of the worst camera in the world right? And well…what??? 4 megapixel????…gosh my phone camera is much better..what's the use of buying if my phone camera is better then this camera…

  9. So the goal output is images that your eye can focus on? That is cool but the main application I imagined was simplifying the filming process by allowing DOF in post. That definitely seems the way to go and we can almost do that now just as a hacky post process. Just taking a bit more data to improve on that, and gather crisp footage all the time without timeconsuming and destructive bokeh tricks during shoot.

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