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Lok C Top Tips: How to record awesome videos on a DSLR Part 2

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Here you go! Lok’s sequel to the Top Tips video he did two years ago when Kai was camping in Heathrow airport. Now that Kai is on holiday again, Lok has …


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  1. Hey Lok, thanks for taking the time to do a series on DSLR video shooting. Suggestion to post more DSLR videos for other cameras like D800/D4 w/24-70f2.8 Lens. Also, on the technical side, perhaps cover issues such as setting flat picture control, making slow motion and the issues like setting proper fps (60/120) for that, and color correction, white balance issues back on the editing software. Thanks.

  2. Even though this video is 4 years old the information is so useful and easy to understand! Please more content about shooting video. Please do updated content about best cameras and lenses for shooting Youtube videos – in a static room vs. shooting outdoors on location. The last part about editing was fantastic. More editing advice please! Love your videos Loc!

  3. Actually the audio in this video is not that great, but that's most likely because DSLRs have a crappy pre-amp built into them… if you want to get better audio than this, you'll need to use a dedicated prosumer video camera, or a separate audio recorder.

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