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Leica M9 – Field Test and Hands-on Review – DigitalRev.com

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World’s first video of a field test of the Leica M9(http://bit.ly/Leic-M9), the first full frame rangefinder with a groundbreaking Kodak sensor and improvements over …


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  1. I've been a Leica user(professional, full-time) since the late 1970's and now shoot digital mostly.  I just tried one of these on a job. WHAT. A. PIECE. OF. JUNK.  Even though I'm a total Leica die-hard, they just have not gotten the ball over the plate in digital.

  2. What a coincidence. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Central, and I met the artist who appeared in the video. But he was doing chinese paintings then instead of western oil on canvas. Very cook guy, I was using my Leica M3 and we began talking about how great things from the past are. Didn't relies he's the artist in this video until just a moment before now. He will be there, Hollywood Avenue, next to the serviced apartment, everyday (or was it every Tuesday?) unless it rain. Sure enough, the next time I returned to the same place days after, it was drizzling out and he was nowhere to be found.

  3. A fun report. However, I really don't think the eyes and fingers are the best focusing method. I never found rangefinders that fast to use, and I've used many, including Leicas. I used an M6 until I tried a Contax T3. It then got put in a cabinet. The M9 is certainly an improvement on the M8. I still feel that Leicas are owned by the wrong people. Not by the jobbing professional, but rather by the rich who have run out of things to spend money on. The lens system is a life long commitment and you really have to be a high earning, and extremely careful professional photographer to merit using one over a DSLR Nikon or Canon etc. If you are wealthy, and like travelling about a lot, spending money and looking good, then this camera system is for you..

  4. have my M Monochrom shipped to me today at 3pm 🙂 This is my dream come true!!! I paid $1800 in advance and will pay the rest to my parents over 10 weeks! I'm 21 and I think this is bucket list stuff haha

  5. Makes me chuckle that with the bosses M9 Kai is keeping that strap around his neck. No juggling, throwing it in the grass or pouring water. You just have to love digitalrev

  6. I've watched this umpteen times. Kai's passion for the camera emanates from beginning to end. You either get Leica M's or you don't. Yes, you buy a Leica with your heart.

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