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KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K Hands-on Review

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Rest assured, both 4k and 360 are going to be huge in 2016. Watch as we review one of the first cameras to incorporate both! The KODAK PIXPRO SP360 …


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  1. You know whatever did happen with the whole Kodak DSLR thing? I remember seeing an ad for it in a photo magazine where they said it's what all the pros use, made one DSLR and a Lens apparently, and that was it. Went looking for it but never found them anywhere except a used one on ebay.

  2. 6 min into the review, and haven't heard a thing about the camera, just stupid childish jokes. someone really thinks that resembling wanking with a foreign object is still funny?

  3. Hi man! I jus have a problem. I have shoot some footage on pix pro 4k 16:9 in two cameras, but pixpro software said aspect ratio no admit. Now I've just notice that if I don´t shoot in spherical mode the videos do not match. So, what can I do now? Please Help me.

  4. So, does it allow charging while shooting video? It seems standard, but many of these non-GoPro cams can't do that so you're stuck with either horrible battery life or cut-up footage.

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