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Image Averaging, Stacking, and Panoramas: Can a $100 Pentax beat a Nikon D810?

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  1. Great video! only thing I would disagree on is doing this handheld – a little bit of shift forward, backwards, or side to side depending on the shot can introduce parallax errors which the software may not be able to totally overcome.

  2. One image from a D850 will kick Pentax ass here. And imagine doing your photoshop surgery on the D850 pictures. You should be competing with 8 x 10 quality at that point.
    The new D850 has much better dynamic range, packs more resolution, and gives better ISO performance EVEN AT 1:1, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS 10 MP MORE THAN THE D810. When the images are scaled, the D850 BEATS the D750 in low light.

  3. it is just like you own the most expensive camera on earth while you dont know about photography…its totally pointless…i think its about who shoot that gear no matter how cheaper the camera is as long as that photographer is really talented

  4. Done right – with a skosh of pixel-level shift between each frame – that image-averaging technique becomes a pixel-stacking technique, one that also sharpens. I'm trialing this method while also adapting medium format lenses w/ Tilt/Shift. Tiled frames are zero-parallax 36×54 (TILT/SHIFT) or 54x54mm (Double Shfit). But of course 95 – 140 MP aren't enough, I want to refine the resolution as far as possible.

  5. I have trouble wrapping my mind around projections. (representations of the 3d world in a 2d photo). I would love to see you do a video about the theory behind it.

  6. Tony, I'm having trouble accessing your actions. When I enter sdp.io/actions into my web browser, nothing at all appears in the browser window but a Save As box opens to download median.atn. Is the .png file available also and how do I get other actions?

  7. Loved it. Just think of all the people with low budgets that want great results with what they have. This one is for photography. Coming from India where even a camera had to be a smuggled one in the early 70"s when I started photography, I had no choice but to use my fathers 1960 model camera and my grandmothers; I don't know when she bought it, Zeiss Ikoflex. I made them work satisfactorily,. It lead me to the darkroom where I spent many years of my adult life. Yes, This one video makes it all worthwhile. Photograpy wins and it shows that anyone with passion can achieve wonders. Thank you Tony and Chelsea. This one is a keeper.

  8. In your video, titled 'How to photograph the moon', you mentioned that stacking multiple images results in a sharper image. So, in this video why did you need to do a panorama instead?

  9. First time seeing someone using ICE, that's neat! 🙂 I've been using ICE even with my Note 4 and S4 smartphone pics and sometimes surprising myself. ICE is really useful and can even auto-fill some sky/grass/simple surface. I love using it. Add some post-processing with, in my case, Corel AfterShot 3, and you can get entry-to-mid-DSLR-looking pics with even average smartphones.

    I am going to buy my first DSLR soon, and I've been leaning Pentax, actually. I love shooting outdoors and in harsher weather(my Note 4 died on me cause of that) and I've been considering refurbs of Pentax K-3II or K-70.

    I can see myself using these techniques still, I kinda do it by default, take 3-6 pics to later stitch in ICE for a huge nice pic. The D810 is friggin good. So much time saved.

  10. Very interesting video. We learn a considerable amount from your videos, and we very much appreciate your channel.

    FYI, to hear your comments and learn are the reasons we came here, not fight the music. Some of us have hearing issues, videos with blaring music over the person speaking makes it extremely difficult understanding their spoken words. Suggestion, when you speak completely shutdown the music, then we can understand you and benefit from your knowledge. Cordially.

  11. Hmm, considering the drawbacks, Im not so sure how viable the cheaper option is in terms of results. Yea, you can get decent images, but with some of the things you have to do in practice, I'd say it's almost a better option to go with film. As in, getting a body with features you need for little money, a good enough lens for a little more (unless you're lucky to find a steal), film doesn't have to cost a lot, and developing neither. – There are some extra steps you have to take and it might not be as "free" as using digital, but I think it would be a stronger match up against the higher end digital cameras. Cause film is film and you can get great lenses for way less money than modern ones. – Of course, you might surpass 100 Dollars a lot quicker, but not necessarily by a lot.

  12. i agree with you tony! it can be done, it's just making things easier to have the more expensive gear. It's the reason why i want to get a camera from pentax. I will need more time editing them. But i will get some fun results out of the pictures. Besides i learn more working the cheaper way 😛

  13. Why don't you do a fair test ? Just use the same lens on both cameras . Sigma makes the same lens for pentax that you have on the nikon . Then show the photos . You will not be able to tell the difference in the photos . What you are showing and comparing is a cheap lens compared to a good lens that has nothing to do with the camera body itself . Use a adapter and mount the cheap kit pentax lens you are using and put it on the 810 and put the sigma 24-105 on the pentax camera and see what happens . The 810 photo will look the same as it did on the pentax camera body because the picture quality is in the lens not the camera especially at low iso's like 100 .

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