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I'm not perfect..

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  1. "Done is better than perfect!" I love that! As someone who has strived for perfection all his life, and missed the mark continuously, I would do well to remember this. By the way, I'm spending time watching as many of your previous videos as I can because I've been 'following' you (sounds really creepy when you put it like that, doesn't it?) for a little while but I have by no means watched all your videos. Kind regards my friend. Keep up the good work.

  2. Its true, I have songs I wrote that earned me gold records that I never thought were good songs and some of the ones I worked hard on did not get received as well. So just enjoy the journey on the road to creativity

  3. I love your level of energy ! …. would like to meet-up one day …as I also live in the GTA ( Scarborough Bluffs area )
    I've been a " Canon " user for….50 years …. have worked at Henry's …. and have operated a downtown photo studio for 38 years ! Let's have a coffee and see what it leads to ! I have a unique name and website …not hard to find !

  4. Peter, I know you'll never see this, but you are just such an awesome person, and I really hope to meet you one day. I am right now starting a YouTUBE channel, and what you talked about in the video "Done is better than perfect" is something I really needed to hear, especially coming from you, someone who I view as perfect.

    Thanks for your constant advice, work, and motivation, my dream is to someday be a big enough YouTUBER that we can do a collab

  5. Wow YouTube took over a year to recommend me your channel!! I love it so inspirational. Im far away in a little country named Chile i saw you gave away some original peter’s pics would you be so nice telling me how in the world can i participate? Thanks kinds regards.

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