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I Paid VFX 'Artists' to edit my green screen footage!

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  1. You just made history buddy🤯.. You gave me a reason to PUSH for my goals, by confirming that I need to put my work out there‼️💯😭😭😊.. After disliking all this products you’ve bought😤😅🙏🏽.

  2. Я вижу, у всех этих видео проблема со сведением цветов, к единому стилю. Было весело смотреть это. Спасибо. 🙂

  3. Man dont give away money like that me as a kid I would be SO FRIKEN HAPPY TO GET THAT MONEY and you give it away to people that dont need it.

  4. First off – yeah no self-respecting vfx artist will use fiverr. Secondly you are asking for a whole scene generation? Rotoscoping, CG elements, timing, editing, comp, sound? Do you know how much time, effort and people are required to put all of this together in a decent quality? And you don’t even have description of what you are looking for? 90% of these artists were offering just Rotoscoping service which is just cleaning your green screen.

  5. Peter, you are asking Rotoscoping artists to do Editing work and then then you are judging them for how bad they did. None of these is VFX, they are just patching 2d elements together badly and doing bad editing for you. Please make the difference.

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