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I did something stupid

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  1. USE NEOSPORIN. I'm sure you have it handled by now but i work in construction and I'm constantly getting cuts and scrapes. Neosporin will hep you heal extremely fast. Also I watch a lot of your videos and your very inspiring, keep up the good work.

  2. RE: the socks, now I don't know if this is true it is what I was told when I asked someone else – they are supposed to provide support and compression so it matters which foot they go on.

  3. You should have put a green screen on and just took it down say sike

    Edit: is it just me or when he said difficult in 7:08 kinda sounded weird or was it just the Canadian coming out?

  4. Hey, I’m a paramedic and I teach wilderness medicine. You did a great job. I would say the only thing you didn’t need to do was clean it with alcohol. A clean wound like that, is low risk for infection. We NEVER recommend cleaning with alcohol. Clean with potable water. Steri strips or butterfly’s and your good to go. Nice job.

  5. Every time I just sit down and think well I don't have the mood right now for pete but whatever let's watch it…and then baang a huge amount of inspiration imcoming. Actually your videos are my go to when I didn't feel to do anything

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