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I deleted my favorite pictures

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  1. "You experience things in 3d in real time with wind and sound and all these feelings and emotions that go into your pictures
    all that context is lost when other see your picture and thats why you need ask other people what they think" – this is crucial.

  2. It's a good idea, but if I did this – I would get people to rank their top 10 photos rather than just say which they would delete. I think this would tell you a lot more.

  3. Tony and Chelsea,
    You have created much useful content through the years and have developed a faithful following. People care about you. When you notify your followers that you have deleted some of your favorite pictures your followers will have compassion, imagine what it would be like if they accidentally erased some of their favorite images and feel bad for your loss.

    You have a following of a trusted audience and understanding your target audience is important so that you might better develop the trust between yourself and your followerscustomers. You have to think about who your customers are… are you a professional or simply a profit seeking amateur.

    I am new to photography and already I have spent thousands of dollars on this hobby. One of my purchases was your book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography. I learn much from watching photography-related YouTube videos. I pay YouTube $10 per month so that they deliver content to me, and not ads. As a contributor you receive a portion of the $10 monthly fee (that is my understanding of how YouTubeRed is administered).

    I think you will understand how my trust in you went down a notch when I took the click bate and ended up watching a SqureSpace commercial. About 25% of the eight minute video concentrated on SquareSpace. I have no problem with paying for literature and for YouTube content. However, it seems that you are double dipping, once by my YouTubeRed fee and then again through the body of your video.

    I am curious of the relationship between aperture setting and focal length. I also need to learn more about lighting my subject. From whom will a seek that information? Someone I trust or someone that will lead me around with tricky marketing techniques? Its your call… short term profits today or a long term customer into the future.

  4. YOU DID WHAT??? WHY???

    MAn, that room creeps me out… Are you guys even able to sleep with that creepy kid always looking over you? Or is it a prostitute? Can't tell the difference… It's creepy as hell, we will leave it at that.

  5. "Editing a film is like keeping best parts of our lives without the dull parts" In my eyes, best artists are not the best technicians or even the most creative. They just intuitively know and understand what works and what doesn't work. And they show it. They are their own best critics/editors and don't need anyone to tell them what to pick or not. Because "others" are not artists. It's sad when a human being start to believe others know his life and understand his work better than himself.
    Please Tony, next time, edit your portfolio yourself.
    … and please, get rid of that lighthouse picture. I know how much energy it has cost you buttt… it really sux in my eyes ;p

  6. Tony please could you tell me what template you are using for square space right now. As I like you full screen scrolling images on a mobile device. I can't seem to find your layout or it's not working for my images as mine keep cropping my images please let me know thank you so much 😀👍

  7. Hey tony plzzzzzzzzzz make a video on
    "Does firmware upgrade reset shutter count ?"
    I mean if i take 10k pic by nikon or canon after upgrade would it start from zero…i dont have enough money to buy new 5d mkiii or d500 or d850
    So i decided to buy a second hand 5d mk iii or d 500 or d850
    One of the seller told me he will give me 5d mark iii or 5d mark 4 or d850 at $1200.
    Would it worth it???
    plz make a video on it😭😭😭

  8. Definitely click-bait title, but I get what Tony is saying. He's saying try to have a reasonably objective measure for the photos in your professional portfolio that you show to potential clients. He's not actually saying delete and destroy all copies of those photos. Your professional portfolio is advertising your work. Like any good marketing team, you need a way to measure the effectiveness of that advertising. Website traffic stats, built-in functions like likes or retweets, or a purpose made survey are all ways of getting at some sort of objective measure of the effectiveness of your portfolio. It doesn't have to mean anything for your own personal enjoyment or value of any specific picture though. I guarantee Tony isn't planning on framing a huge print of that pic of the shack and mountains that he doesn't really like just because it got favorable survey results. He also isn't going to burn all the copies of those concert or travel shots that he loves. He is just revamping his portfolio in hopes of increasing his business.

    I think there is a reasonable argument to be made that by putting in the photos you like, you might be more likely to attract the specific clients and types of work you really enjoy. You just have to balance that with getting enough work. If you can afford to be picky and only do work that you love and only take pictures that you personally really enjoy, that's fine. If you need to pay a mortgage and put food on the table, you are probably better off doing what every professional marketing firm does and come up with a way to measure your portfolio's performance.

  9. I love black and white. The sheer drama of it is amazing and a whole new thought process has to go into making it. I think the reason it is not popular is because there is not enough of it about. Instead the world if full of fake colour in faked colour pictures faked to buggery in Photoshop. People are being brainwashed into loving crap that bears no relationship to the real world or what was really there when the picture was taken.
    Great analysis. Thanks

  10. Tony since you're in a destructive mood (mode), can you make another video where you attack the front element of a lens w/ a crab claw…..that was awesome. ……:-)))))

  11. I listen to your pod cast but many times I end up watching. Finally got to this one. Here's an added element I wasn't expecting, done in your bed room. Any I missed that was done in your bathroom or walk-in closet? Lol. Great videos and pod casts as always.

  12. I guess what's important is to keep in mind that just because a picture is removed from a portfolio, doesn't mean it's gone. People just won't see it in one of the places you put it originally.

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