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  1. Takeaway from this video, from my perspective, it's best to do this:
    Step 1: Find a title for the vlog (the main point)
    Step 2: Then make the story around that point
    Step 4: ???profit

  2. I have no idea what the story of this video was. The story seemed to be about how to repeat vague ideas about how to tell a story (without actually saying or doing much of anything.) over and over until you hit 10 mins. Was this supposed to be an example of what not to do? I'm confused.

  3. Big part of telling a story is how to shoot using a vlogging camera and how to shoot angles and how many to shoot.

    For example, when you first prepared to snow board using a tow line, you shot at least 3 images from different angles if Peter's head, hands, keys in the ignition…etc.

    You need to break this down. How many angles of an image is appropriate and for how long? Do you focus on each image for 30 secs? 1 minute? And how long should B Rolls be? 30 secs? 1 minute? And where are B Rolls typically shown in a story? You need to break all of this down.

  4. While watching pet video got your video below matt… Great tips and info matt… You can create another video like this (part2) it's more informative/guide for new vlogger like me, I think your recent subscriber will love it… GodBless

  5. Thank you so much for your tips. Really glad you do this. You have helped me with some great tips. I’m just starting to learn to make videos and it’s been great so far

  6. Used this music in my first video on YouTube… Video quality not he best… but check how edited it… Please leave a comment and subscribe…thank you. Thanks to Matti and Peter for all they teach us…❤ McJonans

  7. hm…I think this is the first video I ran into that actually helped me understand what a vlog is. Thanks! Looks like I have to re-edit my video again lol

  8. If there was a superlike button I'd hit it ✨ this was exactly what I was looking for. I've always felt confused by what good storytelling in vlogs really is. I put off making videos for so long cuz I thought I had to be doing something super interesting or have people to film with to be able to tell a decent story but I really like your advice, it really simplified the things I was uncertain over – thanks Matti!!

  9. Damn you are right it is really hard to make a vlog and a story in same vlog. I Just made my first one ever with a lot of help, but I think my vlog was pretty good for being the first 1 ever it was really hard, though because of the English.

  10. Merry Christmas Everyone! I so appreciate every one of you who contribute to this community. I think its awesome that we can all learn together and I'm so grateful to have this channel! Love you guys! 🙌

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