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How to Make a Room-Sized Pinhole Camera

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In this video, we get challenged to turn a room into a big camera obscura/pinhole camera/a box with a hole in it. Connect with us: …


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  1. What is the point for this episode that you were shooting? 

    No disrespect,but sometimes, can you just be more specific and very directional? You are played wayyy too much in this video until that I couldn't see the point of shooting this video.

  2. The Alamby-in-a-box skit was damn cute but much too short-lived!  I think you guys should do a photo calendar series of Alamby in various precarious or compromising circumstances.  For example: Alamby with a mullet hair-do.  Alamby dressed in diapers standing in the middle of Central.  Alamby as the rocker Joan Jett.  Alamby blessing people while dressed as the Dalai Lama (hmmm, maybe that would piss off mainland China – never mind!).  You get what I mean….

  3. What ever brand these guys are smoking is getting more intense. 
    Or may be its the cumulative effect that is showing its destructive effect now.
    You guys owe me 9:31 minutes of my life wasted here!

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