Home Photography How to edit BASIC photos into BANGERS!

How to edit BASIC photos into BANGERS!

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  1. I've zero knowledge about editing or photo shooting. But my job recently required me to produce some visual ads. By learning from the pros on Youtube, I started to gain interest in photo editing, and I wish to further hone this skill. What else can I do to other than "learn by doing"?

  2. Thank you for the video. I love the hard part of taking a real photo over making one. But I want to learn how to do this photoshop better. It would be fun to mix some of the photos I take. Please more “how to photoshop, 101”

  3. Haha love your skills Peter, when it comes to photography and cinematography you are amazing. But I think your PS skills need a refinement. You didn't even do like basic stuff like color matching the two photos, you do that in your videos, why not do it with photos?

  4. I just started my photography business, I’m brand new at this. How can I get my photos printed very big? What is a good printer for professional photos because everyone I research has bad reviews, and what’s a good editing software to buy? Thanks.

  5. Hi Peter. Im a big fan of your videos. This month I was given Photoshop as a birthday present. Do you have any Absolute Beginners videos for Photoshop for people who've never used it before?

  6. Hello,Rayhan here from Bangladesh. Send me one camera please. I really want to do cinematography. But i haven't enough money to buy a camera .please fullfill my dream. And 25 july is my Birthday Please surprise meee.

  7. Hey Peter, what's your vlogging set up?

    What camera are you using to record? What lens are you also using?
    And do you have lights on you or are you using a ring light with your overhead room lights turned off??

  8. 4:58 You actually CAN'T come back to adjust this since you didn't use smart filters. Also, that is not how the feather option should be used and the glare/fog on the edge of front mountain be added. The perspective of the final image is off because of two horizons. I don't like it.

  9. kinda feels lite the part we get to follow along is just a little bit of the total editing, wich i understand, but at the same time it kinda left us with a picture not looking anything like the one he ended up with. =/

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