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How to do Digital Infrared Photography

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In this video we take a look at how you can create some wicked cool IR photos with your DSLR. Connect with us: …


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  1. Get a good IR camera conversion to IR and it just as sensitive as regular visible light cam. Works great for IR color stuff and also for regular photography as a B&W with more contrast though.

  2. The channel swapping idea is a good one but it's not the only way to post process photographs from IR converted cameras. My IR photography using my 5D mkII IR converted camera has really improved since using Adobe's free DNG file utility to create custom camera profiles. The improvement comes for a much wider range of choice when it comes to white balancing the image. Here is an example of using the Custom Camera profile technique without channel swapping https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephencotterellphotography/30189957851

  3. Please give info about observation of UFO using Infrared camera or night vision mode. etc. As there are lots of videos out there claiming to see UFO (mostly satellites/birds/meteor) since you are professional should give legitimate info about that.

  4. I had my Sony A7 ii converted to full spectrum (removal of the hot mirror) allowing full UV Visible light and infrared light. I love it. I use it for astrophotography and ghost hunting. If anyone can recommend to me, which Sony fe lens would you use for shooting in rooms and hallways for ghost hunting? It needs to be a good lens to shoot in the dark. I already have the 28-70 kit lens. Will be buying a Sony A7 iii for regular photography.

  5. Hello i have a full infrared converted camera and i wish to use this like a "normal" camera sometimes, can i use an uv ir cut filter to do a color restoration? I have an uv ir cut filter, but when i put this on my lens i only have a black picture, can you help me? thanks!

  6. I should have looked for IR photography videos before I got IR filters. Spelling isn't a strong suit for for me. Can you reply to me with the name of the filter I need? I think you said ratin. But like I said I can't always spell something without seeing how it's spelled first. Thank you for your time and your videos

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