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How to Create a Logo for your Photography Business (Cheap-with SquareSpace!)

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  1. Nice video. I like that you can still use the service and pay for it, even though you don't have a squarespace account. I'll definitely try it out. Thanks for the video and this time the audio was perfect!

  2. Cool Chelsea, thanks so much for this tutorial. I can't believe how easy it is. This is the kind of thing that keeps me from using the computer to it's fullest. You just took a big stumbling block out of my way. Thanks. Also I can't believe how reasonable it is. Yea for SquareSpace.

  3. Wow, way to offend every designer that watches your channel. I guess people should just take their own photos now because "hiring a professional is expensive and time consuming."

    I get that this is a paid advertorial, (which you should announce by the way) but surely you dont agree with this haphazard practice.

  4. Thank God, you use windows instead those shitty ios x. I'll never get why so many people in the US use those macs, they're so expensive and not really any better than windows pc if you know windows very well.

  5. Chelsea, 

    I have been looking to create a simple and clean logo for my new studio. Your tutorial helped me out a lot! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


  6. How does the intellectual property work for this logo template? If there is only limited amount of templates, bound to see someone else using the same logo (?)

  7. HI another great vid. Thanks for all you do. I have a quick question if I am starting a new website and want to sell some prints is the personal plan enough? It will be my first ever website!! Thanks in advance

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