Home Photography How I RUINED the best photos of my career.

How I RUINED the best photos of my career.

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  1. Hey Peter, I am new to photography, I've taken some online classes and i just dove in and have been enjoying taking photos. One thing I'm running into is lack of constructive criticism. I am hungry to grow, but all I'm getting on online photo forums is, "ah man, great photo" and "impressive, good job." I'm like two weeks into this, so obviously huge room to grow. I'm looking to grow as a photographer and i need tough and honest feed back on what i can do better. I dunno if you will see this amidst almost 2000 comments, but if you do and you have any advise as to a resource for this kind of feedback, or just how you over the years got better in general, i am all ears! Thanks man, love your stuff.

  2. Love this new format! So great to hear some of the back story of your shared photos. Yes,, it would be great to see a tour of your studio. Thanks for all of the tutorials and videos. You've ignited a new passion for photography in my life!

  3. This was so cool! I really like the idea of a video podcast, chatting about, and looking at photos. Congrats on a wicked episode one. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  4. There is a harsh difference between a picture that is refined in Lightroom (adjusting the whole of the image with contrast, brightness, etc.) and an edited composition in Photoshop (i.e. editing out people or things, sky replacements, etc.).
    I read an article on World Press Photo Contest, where they make this difference. Photographs that enter need to be journalistic and they are only permitted to do global adjustments to contrast, brightness, etc. They even had forensic experts that could analyse picture to see if anything has been edited out or so 😉

  5. I see lots of love on the comment from Alen about the necessity of critiques from friends for growth…but did you also catch that gem @20:29?! Such good advice for photographers and really Anyone who's looking to successfully develop their personal brand. 👌

  6. "If your friends never critique your work, you'll never grow" haha unless you're a virgo.. then you're always critiquing yourself until you finally just decide to release whatever it is you're working on to the world. 😅

  7. Been shooting for years and I've only really started focusing on Instagram recently. Before the pandemic, I made a goal of posting once a day and it's been a challenge, but I managed to do it for 4 months straight, things slowed down a bit now, but these stories hit hard, the 'gram can be so stressful sometimes!

  8. Hey man, I just finally picked up the Loupedeck + and it's amazing. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on it.

    Reach out to them to see if they'd sponsor you on a review of it. I honestly would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  9. this thing is dope I am defenetly into it 😀 I miss every drop of your shop so sad wanna be part of your pirate community but I am so busy so I am always one day late 😀

  10. This has the soothing interview banter of a podcast… where you could just binge a series like this in the background while doing something else… but it’s a video cast… and I want more… so now I’m glued to the screen and I can’t get away 😂😭

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