Home Photography Hasselblad X1D Review: Worth $17,000?

Hasselblad X1D Review: Worth $17,000?

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Tony & Chelsea Northrup review the Hasseblad X1D-50C Field Kit (http://sdp.io/x1d). The 50 megapixel, medium format, mirrorless camera body itself is $6500.


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  1. For your info: No man was ever on the Moon; therefore no Hasselblad either. And this comes from Hasselblad's chief designer who was given the task to construct the camera for the "Moon" trip. After he saw the photos he said they could not have been taken on the Moon. His exact words were "It escapes me". HAHAHA. For those interested, "moon" photos were shot in Nevada desert, more precisely in Area 51, heavily guarded military base, where they first kill, then ask q's. Even some poor, disobedient astroNOTs were executed there. Do basic research. It is easy.

  2. i mean its a cool novelty but wth you guys trashed the evf, the autofocus, the speed, the bokeh, the power button the battery, the quality of the pics and no continuous autofocus??? or aftermarket lens??? zoom???? oh my god f this camera

  3. Yooo! Love your vids. I’m from CT, too! It was funny to see you all live on the shoreline as well… problem is, I mostly do landscape photography and find myself traveling so much to take good photos cause the CT shoreline can get a bit repetitive … thanks for the good vids

  4. I'm dead… 17k and only record on 1080p??? No stabilization lenses?? The biggest overpriced camera… Because for that price she has to beat any other camera in the market in any aspect…

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