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Future Cameras: Canon 5D Mk IV, Sony a9, Nikon D820 & more

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Tony makes predictions about what we’ll see announced at Photokina & in 2017. What do you think Canon, Sony & Nikon will announce? SUBSCRIBE and like …


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  1. He is out of his mind, there is no way the D820 will have so many MP, besides, Nikon would loose a lot and i mean a lot of clients by selling it in the $4,000 dollar range. Nikon is not Hasselblad.

  2. I would be very happy with a Sony A7iii with a 36 mp camera. I don't care about 6k, I doubt they would include that on their entry series. I hope 4K at 120 fps, or heck I'd even be happy with 2K at 120 fps. 1080p should def 120 and over. I think 1080 as a mode is an old thing, people want that 2K and that 4K right now. Even if they did 4K at 30 and 2K at 60 I'd be happy. Id also want a very good night time shooting ability, steady stabilization, a very good auto focus, similar to the one on the a6500, longer battery life, and please, please, please no more overheating. But I'd be absolutely overjoyed with 36 mp on the a7iii, providing it can do very good low light video shooting also. OH one last thing, please give us a touch screen, a flip screen, and a more English friendly sensible menu that's not ultra confusing and frustrating. Lastly, please get rid of the recording button on the far right, put it more towards the center and a better more metallic focus ring.

  3. 2018 … The Nikon D500s will have radio control built in, expanded touch screen, 12 fps, 2 XQD Slots, SnapBridge improved so it totally reliable (although I must say that I have had no problems with it on myD500). The only SD card that even comes close the speed of the Sony XQD G series is Lexar 2000x and it is the same price for the equivalent memory … so please Nikon ditch the SD slot. The D5s will have a tilt touch screen.

  4. a9R should be kept at 40 MP. Any more resolution and you risk worse low light performance, less dynamic range, laggard speeds, and lack of storage space. Around 24MP is the sweet spot, but the a7rii got around that with their back illuminated sensor. The a7 line just needs to add dual slots, better battery, and better buffer (upgrade to USB 3.0). But I think the a9 line is meant to replace the a7 line anyway.

  5. Damn Tony, didn't know you were in possession of a time machine. Maybe next time you can warn us about who are next president is gonna be instead of just telling us what Sony is up to. You think you're slick too by only being mostly right with your "predictions" on the a9, just so we wouldn't suspect a thing, but I'm on to you Northrup

  6. This was fun. But the new Sony A99 II killed your prediction about the Sony A-Mount system! On the same time you were right about the Sony a9. Congrats! Let's see if there will be a Sony a9R … 😀

  7. Tony, Sony Tech Support sucks (BIG TIME) no serious pro would entertain this camera, great for everyone else. Their glass is made by another company how can it be pro. Thanks for the review.

  8. Some day soon a mad scientist research will revealed that the electronic viewfinder cause cancer in the eyeball and all the camera manufacturer hunt the scientist down to dig his eyeball….

  9. I have a 5D ii…looking to upgrade soon, is there something coming out soon? or should i just buy the newer 5D IV…(i mostly shot landscapes 90%, people 10% ) thoughts ideas…anyone. Thanks

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