Home Photography Fujifilm X-T2 Review (read description)

Fujifilm X-T2 Review (read description)

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UPDATE: Re: 6:00, the consensus is the 90mm f/2 is another great portrait lens. We (and many others) had issues with focusing, but other people report that it’s …


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  1. You should revisit this camera with an emphasis on the amazing customer service you get buying fujifilm….the amount of new features and fixes through firmware is amazing, it's a big part of why you should buy fujifilm…no company gives this much away for free.

  2. This camera is spot on for novices. A novice can learn from scratch with the xt2, not the digital way but a real hands on method with physical dials. I learnt photography using 35mm black n' white film methods in a darkroom with a fully manual camera. Chemicals, photographic paper, the works. Damn I Miss those days.

  3. I have no issues with my X-T2 connecting with the phone app. I also rarely get a blurry shot shooting in the 16-55mm range and my 18-55 is by no means unsharp. I agree with them that noise is an issue as ISO increases up and the battery life is pretty annoying.

  4. hmmm regarding D500 having better wifi: it is soooo slow to sometimes and (oftentimes?) hard to connect.
    unfortunately, this is what you must use for remote triggering. i used it once for a group shot and the time it takes to trip the shutter is inconsistent, so the group shot included me looking at my phone. ARGH!

  5. I love Fujis rich colors and skin tones ore than any others camera. Those are the first things when I look at the photos. I love the ergonomics of this camera as the controls are very similar to the ones on my old contax G2 and Nikon FE2.

  6. In keeping with your request for a comment I really enjoy your videos. I like the technical information regarding specifics about the cameras as well as usability factor. Thank you!

  7. Thinking of replacing my XT-1 with this camera. Not a video shooter so not really keen on spending lots more on the XT-3. Really helpful info in this video, thanks. I’m almost convinced but if you think there’s a better camera on the market for a similar price, I’d be interested. Got to think of lens costs if it’s a different brand.

  8. A poor review. We don't know what they really think of it. They hedge the bet. After critiquing the works, they speak of Amazing camera. Fun to use. A serious camera is not ,"fun to use." And the footage of sports, the dog and kids was jerky and clunky. Can anyone make up their mind in this. The camera also crashed. Why ? What a dogs dinner of a review.

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