Home Photography Fujifilm X-H1 Review (vs X-T2, Sony a7 III)

Fujifilm X-H1 Review (vs X-T2, Sony a7 III)

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Buy the X-H1: http://sdp.io/XH1 Buy the a7 III: http://sdp.io/a73 Buy the X-T2: http://sdp.io/XT2 NOTE: You can buy the X-H1 with the battery grip kit for $2200, and …


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  1. This is surely been fixed after the video but i always use Capture One for my edits and it works much better than iridium does imo.

    And about the camera… I was set on the Sony ecosystem and i was willing to buy all of their stuff… Untill i went to a local store and tried the Xt2 and fell head over heels in love. Im now a proud and happy fuji owner and i just cant think of ever going back to sony. I'd love a Fuji body with the Sony internals tho, Sony knows their stuff.

  2. Your perception about the XH1 build quality is at odds with every other review and the actual construction specs of the body. The battery ran out? Wow, you've never experienced that before? Yeah, the batteries are a bit small but just chuck one or two in your pocket, no big deal. I'm not a Fuji fan boy.

  3. “There’s no equivalent 70-200/2.8”??

    What’s the purpose of the 50-140/2.8 then released about four years before this video was made then? Surely Tony wasn’t focusing on DoF equivalent or the fact the Fuji lens is technically a 75-210 equivalent….

  4. A year later in the UK, I’m just in the process of buying a Xh1 on a deal for £850, while the A7iii price is £1830. While Tony’s reviews are excellent, the comparative relevance can be very time dependent.

  5. Tony… Thanks for the review… I too would like to know your general feeling now that the X-H1 is $1299 with grip… That's about $1000 cheaper than the price during your review. Thanks.

  6. Well, I get out and shoot more with my Fuji than I ever did with my Canon, simply because its made photography fun again – and you can’t put a price on that!

  7. With the X-H1 now selling for $999 with the grip, the question is how does that change the balance of best choice. Having had an X-T20 break on its own twice, and an X-T30 go bonkers after a fall (where the lens actually got the brunt of it), I'm debating what to buy. I though the X-T30 was great, but maybe I need something more durable (and I hated the quick menu button placement, same as the X-H1 but perhaps the bigger size is helpful.) Also, now I can get a discount to replace my beloved 18-135, which broke during the fall, as a bundle with the X-H1, but I can't get it with the X-T3 bundled. So the X-H1 + 18-135 is $600 cheaper than the X-T3 + 18-135.

    I've also thought it might be a good time to consider a switch to Sony or the new Nikons. But a lot of expensive lenses, and I already have a trove of Fuji lenses. But for the primes, isn't the X-H1 ridiculously large? I did love the size of the smaller X-T30, even moreso than the size of my X-T1 (which I still have).

  8. What it matters the most, is to get you favorite camera out and start taking amazing photos, at the end of the day, cameras are just one part of the photography tools, what it counts is people skills that even with entry level camera take pro pictures.

  9. I made the switch to Fuji with this pro body and there prime lenses. The OOC images are incredible the raw files are now the backup. I wanted Nikon to give me a d7500 series camera with evf,daul cards like my 7100 and ibis but hey never will lol. Fuji lenses are the primary deciding factor in going all in. I will miss the d750 as the IQ in any situation is great. But the lens size/quality/and Price seal the deal.


  11. I like your videos and they are very helpful and informative. Having the aperture dial to give your left hand something to do as the biggest Factor that would put that Fuji film camera above the Sony a73 seems a little silly. The a73 is just a better camera in so many ways and nobody needs a mechanical aperture dial. It's just a fetish

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