Home Photography Fujifilm History: Kodak Film Wars, Lenses, & the Rise of X-Mount

Fujifilm History: Kodak Film Wars, Lenses, & the Rise of X-Mount

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  1. Kodak is the prime example of what's wrong with becoming a monopoly. Not that you have too much "control," a company can't ultimately dictate to the public at large what to buy, but that they get too arrogant and complacent. Because of that attitude they did not advance their product line enough to keep up with what the rest of the market was offering. Then inevitably, it collapsed.

  2. Hi Tony and Chelsea, yet again you give us a well thought out, clear detailed account, this time of Fuji's commercial history. It is very interesting how one company stands out from the crowd for nit's consistent long term commercial strategy, the results of which can now be seen. There must be clear un-ambiguous leadership with the successful enlistment of a large number of co-operative managers working throughout the organisation, and it shows!, Recently I had to take my camera, an XT2, to the service centre attached to Fujifilm's UK headquarters in Bedford, England, where a service engineer called Colin was able to listen to my report, examine my camera, do the paperwork, take it in, call me later that day to tell me how much and take payment, and then call me again, three working days later to say that it was all done ready for collection, the speed and efficiency of this service is now almost unheard of in this country, where it seems that the upper management is unable to provide the staff with the resources they need to get the job done, I came away utterly delighted and will not be buying into any other system any time soon!. Cheers, Richard.

  3. quote of the day: chelsea "big companies do this all the time, they get lazy at the top, right before they fall." – around the 22-24min mark…

    hmm… looking at you canon.

  4. in this video you mention the firmware updates: this is one reason why fuji fans are so "fanatical" in their fandom. While other companies just constantly sell new cameras, fuji has firmware updates (often huge ones) that completely change and upgrade the camera. Several a year or more. Someone who has the fuji xt2 today, has a completely different beast than the one released in 2016 (which was still fantastic) They've even upgraded the xt2 autofocus to be on par with the XH1 autofocus (their newest flagship a few months ago)

    Now with the xt3 getting glowing early reviews can't wait to see the future of this company. All of the speed and accuracy of the sony cameras, but with fujis beautiful dials and color science.

  5. I had a Fuji F402 in 2003 you can stick in your back pocket. Loads of fun, great for cycling and stunning picture quality for the time. It got stolen and I got the F410. Now thinking of buying again a Fuji, the X-T3.

  6. I did a ton of research and went with the XT2 because of the beautiful design and their consumer-friendly practices among other reasons. Such a fun camera to use! Great podcast, guys!

  7. So would anyone consider the Xt1 as a kind of open beta tested camera? Similar to how video games will release games publicly to beta test them. Could the beta feel of the camera as Tony mentioned have been on purpose?

  8. Interesting back in the 60's I don't rem seeing any chromes but Kodachrome. Might have been some off brands. In the 50's my dad shot Anscochrome (sadly.) I still have his slides which still have some color left  on them (LOL.) The KC slides still look decent. I think your spot on. Some time in the 70's is when I think I started seeing Fuji films. we didn't trust right away. Fujica 605/ last of the great m42's. Pretty much outdated upon arrival as the Bayonets were starting to show up. & yes we questioned if 400 speed was the real deal. I guess we "trolled" down at the camera shop amongst ourselves. Great times.

  9. Didnt the US military invent the digital camera for spying so they didnt have to drop capsules of film and try to catch them with a plane, they did that for a while. because the US government cant patent anything they pass it on to US company's when they think the time is right or somthing

  10. I'm "born" with Nikon cameras (F401s/F65/F80), switch to digital with the Fuji FinePix S1 Pro and than the S3 Pro and I love them but I had to switch back to Nikon in order to upgrade my camera (keeping the lenses and the accessories), I'd like to see in future a new Nikon F-mount Fuji DSLR…

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