Home Photography First VLOG On The NEW Sony A7III

First VLOG On The NEW Sony A7III

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THANKS POLARIS ADVENTURES! – https://adventures.polaris.com/ COLOR GRADED USING MY PRESETS! – https://goo.gl/46Ud1j NEW CAMERA …


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  1. THAT audio track during the Polaris ride. Straight out of the 80's 😂 Great 👍🏻
    But the AF is a bit disappointing. Although I'm not vlogging, so it possibly wouldn't be that much of the same issue.
    Guess I'll get to the full review now.

  2. First thing you wanna know before you’ll buy an a7 series is that these camera has a really really slow autofocus I would not suggest for vlogging but for b roll or video it works and it’s probably the best in my experience

  3. Damn I really want this camera, but what makes me hesitant to buy it is the fact it doesn't have flip-screen.
    Canon EOS R first ML camera came in with one, so I am guessing the next generation of alpha is coming out with a flip-screen too. So I guess I'll wait.

  4. I haf the same issue with polarized sungglasses. I almost went crazy when I looked at the screen two days after getting it and it was all black. Took me a while to figure out it was because of the glases 😂
    great Vlog as always Mati 🔥

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