Home Photography FIRST TIME Vlogging on the NEW CANON EOS R5!!

FIRST TIME Vlogging on the NEW CANON EOS R5!!

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CHECK OUT DIRTTRAX and their video from today! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRUHPu7HZDU First time vlogging on the new Canon R5! Talking IBIS …


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  1. Ive actually tried the camera. My final observation is this is a photo camera first, with video features added just to satisfy wannabe "pro" filmmakers. Then again, Canon didnt actually hide that, but people somehow drank the rumor koolaid and made the 8k video the biggest part about this camera's release!

  2. I got my first L lens I spent all night going over antique service manuals , I cleaned every element on this 28-80mm L I wanted a L lens so bad I made It happen for my self. Inspired by you my friend.

  3. Yo buddy, have you checked out Impact Shooting on YT? He's using your intro and signature in his videos. Video titled, Pro Shooter Breaks Down… It's the one covering Shooter and American Sniper.

  4. Something people are not talking about enough! Mirrorless cameras make using ND filters so much easier, especially for novices. You do not need to block the view finder, and the preview helps show the lighting of the actual image you are going to take.

  5. Peter are you too good to learn the names of people your working with? At least learn the names of the people youre going to introduce. Dont call them this dude. It makes you seem like such a deuche

  6. DSLRs are design for still pictures, peter mentioned over-heating, yes it will for long video shoot. Camcorders are specifically designed for this kind of job. But R5 and R6 are the clear winners for DSLRs for now. peace

  7. I waited years for canon to release their flagship mirrorless and I am so disappointed tbh. That IBIS is stated as photo mode only in the specs

  8. The overheating issues are finally being exposed by real reviewers and one hour of photo taking regulates all those great video features null and even if you just use the great video features they are not lasting even as long as Canon said, if Canon wants to save face and not have the world record for returns on their hands, they need to stop the release and redesign the cameras with a better cooling system and/or fans because this is going to be a bloodbath if they let the release go through.

  9. OMG. Casey changed how vlogs should be made back in the day. You, sir , just changed it again. The production value of this "simple" vlog, is just amazing. I'm so glad I watched this in my home theater! This deserved the big screen 😀

  10. Nice footage but I prefer a smaller option for vlogging style shooting. Something I can find no information on – does it have a super35/APSC crop mode? And is the crop mode, if it has it, as good quality?

  11. First vlog ever shot on the R5! I think? yeah, I guess it is. Ha! Id love to make a video of my experience so far with the R5! If you have any questions and I am able to answer them, leave them below!

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