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Entered a Photo Competition and… (vlog)

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We knew about this photo competition at a local gallery for months, and remembered only hours before the photos were due. So we raced to get them in on …


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  1. Procrastination is a fine art! I often find when submitting photos to these types of shows that for some reason it's always the day before or day of that I choose, print, frame and name the photo or photos.

  2. The Northrup's are lovely people – love watching their YT stuff, very informative and helpful photography tips and Chelsea is had a great sense of humor. Both their submissions however were pants.

  3. hey tony … 🙁 i asked for help earlier but you did not reply …hopefully this time you will …. i am a beginner.. and planning to get a dslr … in my budget i can affort canon sl2 /canon t6i …. whitch one should i buy for overall photography and video ? i just wand nice sharp pictures and edit in photoshop …. please help me out

  4. Hi Tony & Chelsea, I loved your video, I would like to know which Epson printer you are using because I loved the photos that led to the contest. Greetings from Los Angeles California

  5. I laughed out loud at the scene with the stop light and the elevator music. I went through a similar experience, I learned about a contest/auction a day before submissions closed. It went about like your video, with the running and the near panic. It was totally worth it and your video shows that. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. The photo contest I would like to see… Large photography channels where photographers/Youtubers partake in a ultimate showdown that goes a little something like this.

    You all send in one NEW picture that was never published in any means (so no one knows who it's from) to a smaller channel that will post your pictures with NO NAMES attached to them. Said channel makes a video with your entries and creates a poll. You all mirror the video so your audiences can vote for their favorite picture. The goal of the contest? Declare a winner where fans/haters have NO IDEA who they are actually voting for. Pretty much the same concept used in the color science video that Tony made where no cameras were mentioned and people had to pick their favorite without the fan/hater bias mindset.

    Now GO!!!!

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