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Easy PHOTO HACK anyone can do

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  1. I do not see the use in this technique. Maybe if it were some kind of glass that would change how stuff looks, it could be useful, but simply adding a blurry foreground that has no purpose behind being blurry, i don't understand. To me, the photos w/out the glass were better than the ones w/.

    I mean i do know that foreground is important, but i do not understand how this technique can create an interesting foreground…

  2. I try not to use glass or anything overly reflective, specular or otherwise, cuz I feel that could act as an unwanted distraction, therefore I use something muted and innocuous to hang in front of the lens. But nice video though.

  3. i think all your work is so amazing, the fact that you are such a good professional, a good youtuber and care to share your expertise with others is so cool, you truly are an amazing person! wish more people would be as hardworking and passionate!

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