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Drone Hits Plane, Chit Chat! We Review ANY Photo (TC LIVE)

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  1. Re the first plane shot. Looked like RAF roundels on the wings [(British) royal air force] and likely taken at the mach loop. Well worth a google to see more pictures and it's location.

  2. On the drone story. It is frightening. Most drone pilots think their drones are too small to do any damage, but even small and light objects going at differential speed of 500+mph can do a lot of damage. They also forget that there is not a single drone size. They range from tiny and less than 100 grams up to substantial small aircraft. A larger commercial drone could easily do substantial and expensive damage. This smaller drone strike will cost in the hundreds of thousands to repair. Guess who pays for that? You and I in ticket prices. And the passengers and crew have to live with a real fear.

  3. Have you guys ever done a video on the best “affordable spotting scopes”? I’d love to get your perspective and bet folks wanting to get into birding would too. I know, I know….. but it does deal with optics. Cheers!

  4. Hey, @tonynorthrup's, don't bully @jared, @jared is a hero like you guys are. He has a point of view which is i think is respectable. And I know you guys too respect his opinion. I wish you guys call him in a chit chat program, and go to his kinda program someday to fix all your differences. Wish you happy Christmas, God bless.

  5. What gets me is that in no other sphere of the arts could i imagine someone so impatient that they'd immediately start altering a piece of work. Immediately TN starts cropping great pictures or messing with contrast. Perhaps maybe look at it a little more first. The format is great but the instantaneous and constant tweaking of already finished photos reminds me of children bored with expensive toys.
    You should assign a 'pick' to like twenty or so images and then have a more expansive review section at the end where you debate the symettry and contrast after which you try edits showing the before and afters?

  6. The Hawk (UK training Jet) will more than likely be shot at the mach loop in Wales.

    This is a low flying area. You can get up in the hills and the jets fly through the valleys. That's how you get the shot from above.

  7. Hey guys,
    i don't know if you are aware of the upcoming lunar eclipse on january 21st, but i'd highly appreciate a video on how to shoot something like this.

  8. IT should are required that if you fly a drone you file a flight plan . It is an aircraft like any other airplane just remote controlled. They fly in my neighbourhood on the flight paths of airports up to 10 miles from the airport where the airplanes are below 2000 feet and the drones can fly that high. They are unsafe unless regulated like any other aircraft. Otherwise ban them totally.

  9. Very excited about the new course.. Wish I had the money right now to get it but will probably be a while… Would ask some of my family to get it for my birthday today but they'd probably look at me like I'm crazy, I couldn't even get anyone to get me new memory cards. Lol

  10. Who gives a %*#$ about an Oxford comma?
    I’ve seen those English dramas, too.
    They’re cruel.
    ….just like Tony’s grammar-trolling of chit chat trolls. Take that, trolls!

    (Is my hyphenation ok? Did spell “ok” correctly?)

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