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DJI Mavic Pro – Extreme Durability Test!

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The Mavic Pro (http://digit.re/DJIMavPro) is portable and capable, but is it durable? [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/DuraTest [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub …


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  1. if you give me that drone, I will be able to complete my master's study. but I don't have money to buy the item. I just bought dji phantom 3standard and that too was used. and the dronenya has crashed into a tree 🙁

  2. Horrible test. Most collisions can occur from high altitudes. How tf is a drone gonna get hit by a fkin barb doll. If it gets hit by a soccer bowl that's your fault for watching a fkin soccer game to low or something and illegal. And you should always be at least 60ft while flying. If you hit a bird at 200ft the drone would recover itself at around 140-150. If you hit a bird at 60 and dont lose a blade it can recover itself but pretty risky. If your worried about your drone hitting trees get rotor bumpers and rooftop bumpers so your blades a are completely hidden. If your worried about your drone falling to its death install a parachute from buying it in amazon. And you can install water landing gear and landing gear if landing is a problem. If your flying with care the drone will be just fine. If you fly the drone badly and decide to go 25mph and all of a sudden to left and floor it the drone can flip but probs wont.

  3. Came here because I just flew my Mavic into a wire fence and it dropped like 20 feet (onto grass fortunately)…

    Started it back up and it seemed fine but I'll have to wait a couple days for new props to know if it's still 100%. This gives me hope : |

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