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DigitalRev TV – Amsterdam Special Pt. 2

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In part 2 of our Amsterdam special the team are still on their quest to complete the bloody producer’s challenge to visit 10 locations over 3 days. The team get set …


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  1. Love this shout out!
    The least cliche windmill shot has to go to Loc with the kid planking in front of the windmill.
    All your photos were good still and although spec wise Alamby's camera was the least she took some fine good shots!!
    Kai that PhaseOne camera (had to google it to see what it was) its over kill!! Fab camera no doubt but a 6k cam on hols geez man you woudnt want to go certain places with that around your neck – too much attention to yourself geez its like parking a bright red Ferrari in a supermarket car park lol
    And its just as thirsty 1hr bat life and thats just on cam ( no shooting ) wow!

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