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DigitalRev Lens Image Stabilisation Video Test

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Recently, we got a letter from some guy asking us whether Image Stabilisation on a lens really improves the stability of the movies that he wants to make. What’s …


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  1. Dear YouTube
    If you must show adverts at the beginning of EVERY SINGLE DigitalRev video I click on, then could there be more variety? I'm getting sick of the dancing mobile phone and the Italian idiot who is thick enough to believe there is a coffee shop in his girlfriend's apartment.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Quite a lot of your users probably.

  2. This guy is so annoying. Why is it anytime i search for anything video or camera related, I get a video with this dude doing anything but actually reviewing the product?

  3. I like this guy but all the reviews end in "well it's up to you, depends on the application" or some other generic non-answer because they are scared to bite the hand that feeds them. Again funny guy, I fully believe he grew up in England he has a bit of a speech impediment that's all

  4. Christ, just shoot some video while walking. That would be a much much more useful comparison… doing what they've done here, the footage is going to look like shit no matter what you use!

  5. If the lense or sensor moves then surely some of the image must he getting cropped ? Imagine the projection on the sensor or the sensor racing around the projection. Am I correct?

  6. So would it be a waste of time if I bought an actual video camera,bif I were to use a 650d with stabilization lens. I would save a lot by that. By the way love yo video's alot

  7. Bike helmet with straps should do the job. I use it every day! Also, dolly's wheels are pretty poor. They should be lager diameter and with rubber tire.
    Funny video, thank you. What about lens vs in-body stabilization (or both)?

  8. I can't believe you did that, even with a crappy Canon! If I tried that, with my D5500 and f/2.8 28-70mm, the lens would snap off. In fact, I'm worried that if I take my left hand off the lens for too long, it will snap anyway!

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