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D810 Overview Training Tutorial

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TABLE OF CONTENTS BELOW: 0:32 Lens, Battery, Memory Card 0:46 Ports 3:11 Taking a Picture 3:32 Reviewing a Picture 6:25 Aperture Priority’ 7:59 Shutter …


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  1. I wanted the D810 for years. I finally got one a few weeks ago and was absolutely clueless about how to use it to it's fullest potential. So I'm incredibly grateful for this video!

  2. I just got my first Nikon DSLR today, and I went for the D810! Got it used (shutter count: 300 shots), and it costed me 1345€, Im thinking of getting a Sigma 35mm f1.4 art, can anyone give me a tip on other lenses that are good for a D810? I shoot some street/landscape shots, sometimes some pictures of a model in street environments. Thanks!

  3. Great informative video! I watched it end to end with many interruptions to try out the settings and features that you described. I have been photographing with mainly Nikon cameras for about 40 years but one can always learn something new about their camera. I particularly liked the highlight metering setting. I will try that out over the next few days. As an aside, I have both a D7100 and a D810 and have been trying to decide which one to sell and which one to keep. This video has helped me to decide on keeping the D810 as it has several features (other than Mp's) that I will find very advantageous over the D7100. I can now sell off my D7100 and my DX lenses and buy some more FX gear. Thank you for an excellent video.

  4. Is it normal that when I looked at the metering modes, the the black and white display of the different modes are opposite colors than yours. Like, when looking at spot metering for example, the dot is white instead of black? Just making sure lol.

  5. I just purchased the Nikon D810 , this has to be the best Tutorial I have ever seen, I brought the Book 🙂 an absolutely must watch for all photographers.
    A big Thank you to Tony & Chelsea.

  6. Great video Much better than trying to understand the PDF of the manual on line I was given a D810 to try, by a professional camera guy. I normally shoot a Canon 60D Do you ever do anything with a Canon?

  7. You don't need a remote timer for bulb mode. There's another setting past bulb mode. It's labeled as 2 dashes – – One shutter click to open the shutter and another click to close. It stays open until you close it.

  8. I have one question about d810, when I try to connect it to WiFi adapter camera live view is turning off(( can I solve this problem with camera settings, or it is program limited?

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