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D7200 Technical Review

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  1. New to your channel and loving the information and tips!I just bought a Nikon D7200 with a AF-S DX 85mm f/3.5 VR. Along with a R1 wireless twin flash. What suggestions could you offer for macro photos when taking them INSIDE THE MOUTH?

  2. Tony
    I've been a Nikon user since the early days of the F3HP and I really didn't know where the industry was going when digital first came out. I bought my first digital Nikon, a D300S about 5 years ago. I wanted to upgrade from 12MP to at least a 24MP camera for the last little while and bought a 7200 yesterday. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I hope I made a good choice!?

  3. After I gave up my dream of becoming deejay and music producer I awoke one morning and decided to become a professional photographer. I ordered the Nikon7200 pro kit on Amazon. I opened it up and looked through all the crap it came with and immediately had a migraine. I put it in my closet and never bothered with it again until I ran across Tonys tutorials. They are amazing I mean AMAZING!! Ive taken like 30 pics and am happy!

  4. Hello Tony and Chelsea.
    My question is… what's Manufacture Sensor does Nikon D7200 have, Toshiba or Sony?
    Is there any difference between them?
    As you mentioned that Nikon D7200 is best APS-C Sensor.

  5. and what about noisy images with ISOs around 400-800. Very disappointed about this. I'm using my kit lens 18-140 and repeatedly have issues with noisy images. I shoot birthday parties and used to get better image quality with my old Canon 550d 🙁 should i get another lens? should i get another camera? what camera is a good swap for producing images without noise at these ISO's?

  6. Thank you so much for your video, I have D300s, yes yes I know lol which century i am living in lol i used it so lil , i was dissapointed with its image quality and its gathering dust now. I was looking in to replacing it and didnt know what to get, D610 or D500 (which i dont have the budget for) but since i have DX lens , your review on D7200 made up my mind about it and now price dropped way down to $930 Au dollars…i can afford to get this camera, Thanks so much.

  7. Great video. first really in depth video function analysis I've seen on the d7200. I wanted to ask because im a journalist and photographer, and want something that has the best of both worlds. I'm stuck between Nikon D5600 and D7200. Which one should I go for? is the video capability on the d7200 not that much of a jump from the D5600? I know it's better for photography, atleast. Overall, for someone who wants the best of video and photo out of those 2, which one would you pick? I'm planning to purchase soon so hope you see it before then!

  8. I bought a Canon D6 few years ago awesome camera , gave it to my daughter and then I went out and bought at Nikon D 7200, fit it with a 40mm lens doe's awesome close ups , but why doesn't Nikon come out with a full frame sensor that's equivalent of a 35 mm? The Canon D6 was a quip with 24 – 104 mm lens when I bought it

  9. I hate mine. Don't know why, but all RAW formatted pictures, with ISO over 1000 have this terrible sandpaper white halo around them. It is brand new, maybe I got a Monday model? Oh well, makes me doubt the quality control standards from NIKON.

  10. Hi
    I am a video and photography lover and my wish to buy my dslr and iam preferring to a full frame nikon d850 did it accurate for me!

    waiting for your fast reply

  11. Doing a lot of research on both these cameras 3 years later as I am looking at used models. I like your Channel a lot, but your bias tends to lean towards Canon. All respected reviews and comparisons have the D7200 as a better camera than the 7d m2. This has now been confirmed by those who have owned both. The D7200 produces better images in wider conditions. That's is the bottom line for a sports / wildlife camera.

  12. The D7200 is the best camera ever that's my opinion because I own one and I will not go to something different and I have taken great pictures with it and I only use Aperture priority mode and sometimes in manual mode in manual mode is fun using that mode you get the image you want

  13. Hey people It's not the camera that takes good pictures it's the person behind the camera that takes beautiful pictures you control the camera like the ISO the F/stop the shutter speed the white balance and the exposure compensation even in auto modes you control the camera the camera does not control you it's only a box with a hunk of glass on the front of it well it has insides

  14. Hello Tony & Chelsea, I do have a question for you guys. I need to buy a Camera, but I am between Nikon D7200 & D7500 I am no crazy about 4K video I really want a machine to click nice photos. which one would you recommend me or which one will you buy? Thank you!

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