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D5500 Review vs Nikon D3300, Canon 70D & Sony a6000: Portraits, Landscapes & Sports

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  1. But according to Sony A6000 specs it has 179 Phase Detect AF Points and 24 Contrast Detect AF Points being the hybrid and most advanced autofocus system. That AF specs alone makes me decide to buy the A6000 last week. When many people here regards CDAF in mirrorless as not on par with PDAF in DSLR, is Sony's 179 Phase detect AF points in the A6000 has been a lie?

  2. Guys I need a help , I recently bought a Nikon D5600 and the trouble I am going through is with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi , most important is Bluetooth cuz I wanna transfer my pics to my iPhone 6s as I take them .. so the problem is that I am not able to active my Bluetooth because it shows me as untouchable or unusable means basically it’s greyed out so when I touch or click it , it says the option not available in current settings and I have tried to change all the settings but still it’s greyed out n non usable … if some one went or going through this issue and really knows how to fix it please kindly let me know n help me out… and also I am totally confused with Wi-Fi settings which seems to be super complicated ….. please guys advice or help me out of this I am scratching my head n pulling my hair now it’s damn annoying …. also what settings should I change that when I taking picture I don’t need to see only on viewfinder and I can see my subject in the screen as well … please please help out your brother .. tanks in advance … sigh 😓😓😓

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