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COVID-19 and what’s next! Peter McKinnon Interviews Canadian Deputy Chief Public Health Officer

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  1. Thank you for an interview with Dr. Njoo. Well done. After the interview I have more hope and I see the good doctor compare to other political doctors- bureaucrats. Yes, we still have good doctors- bureaucrats, even not too many.

  2. I am waiting for any clear justification for the shut down. IMHO shutdowns are NOT to reduce deaths, as the virus will eventually spread. The only purpose of the shutdown is to limit the demand on hospitals to avoid overwhelming the hospital system. Shutdown limits the speed of the spread. There is no clear evidence that Covid19 will be any different than a seasonal flu in terms of deaths, but that will not be known for a year. We may all learn not to go to work with a cough and to use face masks when in public.

  3. The more effective the shutdown the more likely it is when we return to normal there will be more cases and more deaths JUST LIKE A NORMAL FLU. We should NOT focus on cases and deaths as long as hospitals are not overwhelmed, EVEN IF RATES GO UP. Therefore, NO MORE SHUTDOWNS, unless hospitals are overwhelmed.

  4. Now are you a real doctor hands on. Have you seen the virus hmmm, or are you just a fictional doctor in ignorance and assumption, passing on information from a story you were told. Maybe we the people should start demanding the facts, truth, real evidence, real information off of living off stories we are told. That would be human intelligence. To question and challenge the statues qou over being afraid to question and challenge the so called, “professionalism” then we would all realize, they have no actually truth, evidence to provide behind their fake stories, and fear tactics

  5. It's incredibly disingenuous to pretend that everyone will not become infected. There is nothing to prevent it. The majority will show only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This lock down is only delaying the eventual infection. Thankfully, the kill rate is less than 0.1%, so most people will survive it, comparable to a regular flu. The best defense is the body's own immune system, not shots, vaccination or otherwise. Social distancing is useless to stop anything. The practices prescribed are only promoting paranoia, and causing mental health issues in the population.

  6. But if i and, lets say a friend, we have not being in contact with ENEONE, and we we dont have symptomes and we are not coming back from a travel….. do we really need to stay 2 meters away…. because if yes, its prettt ridiculous thers…. no one near of myself is actualy in contact with Anething!! Really NOT IN CONTACT WITH ANYTHING. I want to know because right now everyone i know IS getting frustrated.

  7. A lot of what he said is based on projections,not science ! Show a true peer related study that shows the long term benefit of lock down .They are picking the projections from specific sources to suit there perspectiveagenda .Real experts like Michael Osterholm are stating that long term lock down beyond allowing time for hospitals to get ready and not being overwhelmed is pointless .

  8. This Njoo and his buddy theresa Tan are directly responsible for deaths of thousands of canadians for not shutting down borders fast enough and not telling all people to wear medical grade masks early enough. Everyone bar EVERYONE should wear a MEDICAL GRADE MASK why are YOUR LIVES and those of your FAMILIES worth LESS just in case you're not a healthcare worker?? Ridiculous. You got a Medical mask then WEAR ONE. I recommend P100 or at least N95. I take a bus or go to store I'm wearing one. And Howard Njoo and the appalling theresa tam can go fly kites

  9. Thank you for doing this up front, Peter. It's a shame that so many passed on watching it though! 181,360 views is abnormal for you. Can you tell from your demographics if it was all us Americans that skipped it? 😛

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