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Clients drove these photographers CRAZY (comedy)

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  1. 1. Establish boundaries.
    2. Respect yourself and the value of your work
    3. Understanding the difference between someone being a friend and taking advantage of your time and effort.
    4. Communicate your boundaries
    5. Don’t be afraid to take legal actions
    6. Don’t take everything personally.
    7. Establish your boundaries before, during and after the shoot. Remind your clients of these boundaries and your expectations.
    8. Don’t assume other people have the same heart and are as kind as you.
    9. Get insurance. It’s important.
    10. Educate your friends.
    11. Recommended clients to someone if their not your specialty.

  2. That was funny but so true. I don’t charge, I’m still learning but my photos are good. I put a lot of work into them. But I don’t like being taken for granted. My church asks me to take photos and when I share them through Dropbox I barely get acknowledged or thanked. Then I see them using their own iPhone pics a lot instead of mine. Just wondering if I should watermark them? I love photography but disappointed how taken for granted people can take you.

  3. Funny , great I'm smiling and laughing. You are a great team . Chelsea I am going to recommend her for a Academy Award . Great actress . Im watching this for a second time. Merry Christmas.

  4. Oh boy, this brings back nightmares! I ran a photography and models Meetup group and we shot at a diner. We talked with the owners and they asked me to come to their son’s birthday party, and take some photos for them. I said how many people are to be at this party. They said 100 or so. I said I get paid x dollars for events like this, etc. They said well, we thought since you will already be there, uh, you could just do it for free, etc. I said no. (I had just met these people!)

  5. I did a maternity shoot once, the sister of the mom to be snapped a few with her phone beside me while I was taking photos and preceded to put her head cut off and off center shots on to Facebook declaring that her photos were great (I guess she saw it as a competition or something) and announced that SHE was thinking of going into the photography business and to contact her for prices! The fact that BOTH of our shots were on her sister's Facebook and that people could think she did all the shots didn't seem to enter her mind, or did it?? Hmm…

  6. OMG! You guys are funny 😂🤣. I realize these are based on real life issues, so my respect to hard working professional photographers like you. But, I still enjoy your comical scenarios 👍🏽

  7. I don't mind not being paid,
    but not being paid means not being taken seriously about your work!!!!
    and that's the deal-breaker!!!!!

    for instance:

    I tell them that I have to develop the picture, but then they already published the jpeg on social media.
    never ever give clients unedited photo's!!!
    If you want unedited photos go shoot smartphone, the editing is built-in,
    that's why they think smartphones are better than "real cameras".

    Or once I was asked to do a freebee for a concert of a relative.
    They invited me last minute, so I couldn't prepare.
    I asked if there were laser lights (those can damage your sensor),
    they said there weren't but there were,
    and worse of all they invited 20 other photographers with professional gear and some of them were paid!

    also, they always forget to bring a flash drive or USB stick.

    And they don't ever wanna sit with you to go through the basic color grade.

    I stopped shooting people, they are indifferent to my photography

  8. Contractors get this too. Did a whole kitchen,bath,laundryroom incluning moving walls windows ect they gave us a bottle of Crown Royle…"what?" Talk about a $50,000 job . It makes us think people only like us because they always want us to do them a faver 🤨

  9. My daughters friend asked me to shoot her wedding so I quoted a price that was 200 quid cheaper. She said I am your daughters friend so I want the whole shoot for 200 quid. I said I don't even know you so nope. She got a friend to shoot it and you can imagine what happened. She asked my daughter to ask me if I could save the photos. I looked laughed and said hell no.

  10. 😂 I know this is a old:) , But I love it especially when you brought the dog lol lol 😂.
    I fell laughing of my bed:)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this beautiful video and making me laugh so loud you guys are so beautiful together:)

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