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Canon SL2 vs T7i vs 77D (200D vs 800D vs 77D) Which 📷 is best?

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Which of these cameras is best for you? Buy the SL2/200D on Amazon: http://help.tc/SL2 Buy the T7i/800D on Amazon: http://help.tc/T7i Buy the 77D on …


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  1. Suggestion_please: My Fixed Budget 720usd
    1) Canon 200d body + 18-135stm+ 50 mm 1.8 prime = 720 US dollars.
    2) Canon 77d body + 50 mm 1.8 prime = 720 US dollars.
    3) any other combination?
    4) any other model/ brand with this same budget? Any other lens
    #Purpose : portrait, nature, friends & family picture.
    #Only photography, #No _video , i already have Samsung note 8, so can do 4k video if needed.

  2. T7i FOr me, JUst Having Good Sports shooting Features and Fair Video Quality at the Same time is the BEST DEAL especially that the price difference of sl2 and t7i in our country is like $45 , so yeah it's really gonna be worth it.

  3. Hey all/Tony, I picked up the SL2 on amazon for an African safari trip I have in 3 weeks, but after further research think the Nikon 5600 may be a better purchase for this trip. Thoughts? Open to opinions. Seems the 39 focal points and the low light range on the Nikon will make it a better choice? Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some feedback-

  4. Got the 200d as a backup and not a fan of the menu…really!! Prefer the old menu style, but I am sure that I will get used to it. It is an absolute bargain for what you get, even if it feels a bit plastic and the buttons are spongy, still a great camera.. Paid soooo much for my old 450D many years ago and now you get a lot of value with the new models and so light and small… brilliant for a beginner or even a backup camera, but I have seen some excellent images from this camera.. 5 stars for this video, I looked at some comparison charts for entry level cameras, but this video explains it way better….

  5. Hello! What body should I choose between: 
    1. Canon 77D 
    2. Canon SL3 (250D) 
    3. Other model??
    I don't want to buy something second hand. I would like to buy brand new. In my country I can buy either of them for under 800$

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