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Canon Rebel T6s & 760D Overview Training Tutorial

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  1. Hi +Tony & Chealsey Northrup . I really enjoy your videos, I find them VERY usefull as I am just starting out, looking for my first dslr camera and equipment. I've actually been looking at the t6i and t6s, so this video was very helpfull! 🙂
    I have one question though – I am thinking about buying your book, "Photography Buying Guide", because I think it would help me alot, and it says about 20 hours of video at the moment. But when I scroll down, there's only the "E-book or Paperback" options, I see no video options. How come?

    By the way, keep up the good work, you are doing great! 🙂

    Sincerely Tobias

  2. hi tony after watching this i buy canon 760d i m a beginner and my camera came with 50mm 1.8 i m happy with that but i want to buy my 1st lens which one i can buy 55-250stm or 18-135 stm or if you hv anyother suggestion

  3. hi again sir, I have some questions,
    1.why is that when I'm using pop up flash I can't get pass shutter speed over 1/200 even in manual mode?

    2.I'll be buying an off camera flash unit, but Canon flashes are really out of my budget.Could you suggest a third party flash with more affordable price ?

    3.Could the third party flash unit be triggered​ wirelessly without​ firing the pop-up flash?

  4. Yay now i can bring my t6s kamera to my vacation to thai,malay and hanoi. Just bought my t6s a week ago and now i'm pretty confidence but one think i don't like about this video is just the custom function, i prefer the normal one.

  5. I just bought the T6s. Your tutorial is amazing. It is packed with useful info and your have great presentation skills, clear and delightful, not the intimidating type. I can feel your passion for photography. Thanks for your great work.

  6. Thank you so much for this guide/walk through of T6/760d, the 760d is my first dslr after upgrading from a Sony HX 300. It has made a difference immediately, and am itching for the sunrise tomorrow! Love you're videos, and have Oder the books – keep up the great work! On other question – are the tutorial videos to download? I have no CD ports on Mac. Andy

  7. 10:47 if in Manual Mode the Aperture (F value) does not change and shows a red LOCK do the following: Slide the "LOCK" slider in the lower right to the left to get out of Aperture Lock Mode.

  8. Hi Tony, thanks for this video. Can you please do a review of tamron 18-400 lens with t6s. How well it works? Will it be wise to buy tamron for wildlife pictures? Etc. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello Tony and Chelsea! Thank you for the tutorials! I have just bought the canon eos750D, but i was hoping for a longer selftimer, only 10 sec? or did i miss something? I take my own pictures and `10 sec is so short! thk you!

  10. I currently own a T3i and a 5D mark III. I want to get this camera to use as a back up. Over using my T3i. This video is fantastic. Thnks for making it. I love how they combined the configuration as a cross between the Pro body like my 5D mark III and a regular Canon Rebel like my T3i. The biggest reason I'm getting it for is the continuous Auto Focus on Video and also it's 24 Megapixel over the 18 Megapixels of my T3i.

  11. Greta video. I am a Realtor so what's your recommend for a wide angle lens for my T6s? I plan to use for taking photos of interior of houses to be uploaded to the internet for home sales. ?

  12. Great review! I have this exact camera and after a year of shooting, stumbled across this and watched it all and have learned new things about my camera. Question… I have the 50mm 1.8 you recommend in this video and the 400mm L lens you recommend in this video and my camera came with the 18-135mm kit lens. I picked up the a 24mm 'pancake' lens too. What is that one good for that keeping my kit lens at 24mm wouldn't get? Thanks in advance! Love your videos.

  13. Nice tutorial. Please a Q? i have a T6s and at the Exposure comp./AEB setting it seems it doesn't move to the range of +1 to -1 . it stays at zero and moves brighter or darker at zero. is there a way i need to configure?

  14. This is such a great video. I recently bought a used t6s and I'm having trouble finding those lenses you recommended. Are they still your favoured lenses or have any newer ones come out and beat them?

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