Home Photography Canon PowerShot G10 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

Canon PowerShot G10 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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G10 (http://bit.ly/LumiG10) takes an already brilliant camera, the G9, to new heights. From 14.7 megapixels CCD sensor to the new DIGIC 4 processor and the …


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  1. Hi. does it have
    macro focusing distance ? and.. i don`t really how u call that .. when u take a picture.. the camera will capture the image in that moment, not in a few ms or sec.Does it have that ? 😀 i`m looking for a camera ,and this things are really important to me. Thanks a lot

  2. I read somewhere that it only records video in quicktime format can that really be true??
    I know it doesn't have HD-video recording
    but I could guess that it will arrive in the G11

  3. obviously this guy doesn't know much about what you're saying, mike .. instead he compares the subject physical ability to a hard drive? jeez .. does your hard drive produce noise at iso 400? haha ..

  4. One thing I think is important to mention is what was lost in the upgrade from the g9 to the g10. My g9 died after the lens was stuck open, I replaced it a few days later with a g10 and was shocked to find some features had been LOST. Thanks to youtube's crappy 500 char limit in comments I'll have to break this up

  5. (cont)
    #1 time lapse video
    A VERY neat feature, gone. This baffles me, it doesn't seem like there's a hardware limitation to the feature, seems more like it just wasn't included in the firmware.

    #2 1024 video
    The size of the video was reduced from 1024 to 640. This may be due to the increase in sensor size but what a hit! The video quality in the g9 was one of the MAJOR selling points to me. Surprise!

  6. (cont)
    #3 avi vs mov
    For some reason, canon decided to switch to the proprietary quicktime container and h.246 codec from the wide open MOTION Jpg AVI standard. The g9 videos play EVERYWHERE, g10 only on devices that have quicktime (archos?) In addition the compression is worse, the g9 would record about 110MB/m @ .7 megapixles, the g10 is about 75MB/m at .3. Half the resolution, 75% of the size.

  7. do you know how a camera's sensor works? obviously not. As the sensor size stays the same and the megapixel count goes up, the pixel pitch is reduced. this means each pixel gathers less light. This contributes to more noise. A camera sensor is not the same as a hard drive. don't act like you know what you're talking about if you don't.

  8. how does it own a DP1? granted, the g10 has a zoom lens, so it wins there, and it probably has faster start up and shut down times, but the g10's sensor is tiny. the sigma dp1's sensor is the same as an aps-c slr's sensor.

  9. The thing you have to realize is that the g10 offers the digic 4 processor. This processor does an extraordinary job of releaving the noise up to iso 200. Otherwise, I personally own one and from 80 to 200 the pictures are fanominal! Beyond that, because of the smaller sensor size, 800 and 1600 are too grainy. Great camera!

  10. I have this camera and I am already sending it back after only months of owning it, the lens cover always comes in contact with the lens every time it's turned on and off, causing my lens to have permanent scratches in it. Canon didn't do anything to stop dust from infiltrating the LCD and the internal lenses. Not that I hate this camera, it's a great advancement, apart from no timelapse, no 1024×768, no x6 optical zoom etc but I guess it makes up with other features such as wide-angle and such.

  11. Unfortunately, it does not. It also has the exact same CCD sensor as the G9 on the Digital Photography Review, but I will research this matter further to confirm that it is correct. The more mega pixels that are crammed into a sensor, the higher the noise level, but the G10 has the new DIGIC IV Image Processor, but noise still shows up in semi-light conditions, all multicoloured and stuff. Lolzzz.

  12. im thinking of getting the G11, because of the swivel screen, which will be very useful…i can careless if its megapixels isn't as much :/ but other than that, they are pretty much the same, right? ^^"

  13. Your gonna get it becuase of the swivel screen? My G-5 I have from Feb 04 has a swivel screen and the G-3 before that.
    This camera has a lot more to it than a swivel screen.

  14. @farahgad
    You can't go wrong either way. The G10 has ever so slightly better resoution than the G11 but the G11 is a far better camera for shooting at night. Or you could take the next step, spend an extra hundred or so bucks and get a Canon 1000D with a twin lens kit. I suggest taking to an expert though.

  15. I tried buying one around tuesday this week, and the lady says they dont sell them anymore, i went to like 4 other stores and they said the same thing….
    WHAT'S HAPENNING?!?!!?!??! D:< does anyone know a store i could buy it in, around cali that doesnt involve gettign ONLINE to buy it ?

    please help me , i saved up so much money over the last three years and the day i finally buy it , they dont sell it anymore )): its so depressing.

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