Home Photography CANON EOS R REVIEW – I'm Switching.

CANON EOS R REVIEW – I'm Switching.

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  1. You are slowly swaying me to be a part of the Canon gang. I'm primarily a Fujifilm user but this camera looks and feels about the same weight as a Fuji X-T2. gonna save up to get the EOS R with the kit lens

  2. Whoah the price on this. Just found out about this cam recently cus im getting back into cameras. Looking to trade my x100f for a good pic/video hybrid. Its either this or nikon z6!

  3. Thank you Peter for a brilliant breakdown I have just switched from a sony a7r iii. I know the spec kings will go on blah blah. The canon is just easy to use everything feels right and fits in the right place. The canon colour is beautiful. The RF lenses will be a huge changer. I am glad to be back to Canon:))

  4. I was thinking to get this camera if I can somebody please help me with this. I'm planning to use the sigma 18-35mm for stills. I'm not a videographer. Since it's so sharp I would like to know how the autofocus works on it in my 80d sometimes it lags. And misses. I would like to know how good it behaves. Hope somebody can help me. Thank you so much.

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