Home Photography Canon EOS 5D Mark II First Impression Video by DigitalRev

Canon EOS 5D Mark II First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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The Canon EOS 5D Mark II(http://bit.ly/Canon5Dmk2) eclipses the formidable 5D with the new DIGIC 4 processor, 21.1megapixels and ISO upto 25600, with Full …


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  1. I know the 5d MK2 is now regarded as OLD but get ready to bag a bargain when the Mk3 comes out – expected later 2011. I NEVER buy new new cameras as you ALWAYS get ripped off. My (now) very old Canon 20d is worth around £200 – full retail (when new) was over £1200… go figure!

  2. @Joenoha
    What's the point of building a newb flash on a pro body? Considering you are spending $2,500 for it, why not throw in another 250 bucks for a good speedlight?

  3. @jeystonemusic Why not? I have pretty decent glass collection and would hate to pay extra for rubbish lenses I will never use anyway. Body Upgrade is the way to go for me. But different strokes for different customers; that's why Canon sells kits and bodies only. Works for everyone except.. for those who want every1 to have the same needs as they have. Does that even make sense? =)

  4. @fullboxxskater A full frame sensor delivers the same angle of view as a frame of 35mm film (as it's the same size). This means that a 50mm lens will equal 50mm on a full frame sensor, where on an APS-C sized sensor a 50mm lens would equal 80mm. Full frame sensors also offer better noise performance, and can achieve a shallower depth of field. Full frame sensors are better suited to people who use wider lenses, and APS-C sensors are better suited to people who prefer longer focal lengths.

  5. @11290427 I doubt Kai would be impressed by being compared with Jeremy Clarkson!! He'd have to start saying things like "the performance of this camera is ASTONISHING" and "the body weighs about as much as a packet of crisps" HAHA

  6. @snowboardbum the "greater DOF" is still an illusion of a cropped sensor. its the same DOF whether its on a FF or a cropped just like a cropped sensor gives the illusion of being a higher mm length. your still cropping an image. same lens. same DOF.

  7. @zjumps33 Actually, FF gives greater DOF because you can be closer to the subject (physical distance), while on crop sensor you would have to be further away in order to have the same framing. You hv to move back (physically) a bit using your crop camera because the crop makes the frame tighter. Thus, you can be closer to the object on FF than on crop, which is why FF gives better DOF, if that makes sense…

  8. Who would buy a 5D as their 1st DSLR….? o.o..* After much debate, I've narrow my decision to either a 5D or a 7D as my first DSLR…. I would propably say me.. A camera is just a camera.. its the person that's behind the camera that matters….. a camera is just a tool for a creative eye… so, if i wish not to get held back from my creative side, then i should get a camera(tool) that will suite my needs and not one that will limit myself…

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