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Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS Hands-on Review

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It’s cheap, but is it cheerful? We review the new Canon crop 10-18mm IS STM lens (http://bit.ly/10to18), and find out if Canon has made a superb bargain for …


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  1. hi everyone, going to be climbing in the swiss alpes soon and going to have a canon 100D with me. So my question is, how will this lens do for night time shots ?

    thanks a a lot

  2. Hi,

    Which memory card are you using for your DSLR?

    I just bought a Canon 80d and i can't decide which sd card i should buy.
    Which one do you suggest i should go for?
    Lexar 64gb professional 1000x uhs-ii Or any other cheaper uhs-i sd cards?

    Plz reply asap

  3. I feel like this lens is overpriced for the quality.. I mean $369.99 CAD? For a plastic wide angle lens? Might as well go for the Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 lens.. $169.99, thats a steal. I mean you don't get IS or a focus ring, but its still great. And worth the price. Canon be ripping people off for days.

  4. I was only looking to get the 50mm lens because of the bokeh effect but realized that the 10-18mm is included in the bundle as well. Should I just buy the 50mm or is the 10-18 mm worth it?

  5. I read the review of this lens by Adam of First Man Photography who absolutely trashed this lens. Instead of going over all the specs, he specifically talked about all it faults related to the lens's image quality. Is his the only honest review? I was considering this lens but is it a piece of junk or as you might say, rubbish?

  6. I am pretty dissapointed with this lens, I am not super experienced so maybe i could learn to get more out of it. It's not sharp, and it's terrible in low light. I shoot video and photo. if you are using natural light forget about shooting handheld or living moving subjects like 80% of the time. midday sun just sucks and this camera just won't play ball at night. even in my apartment at night but with all the lights switched on. can't open the iso too much on my t3i because of the grain. i put the camera on a tripod opened the appeture wide open which looses sharpness, i experimented with different shutter speeds , the subject remained as still as possible but i could not expose correctly without a bit of movement blur on the subject. this ruined my shots and i think i blame the lens
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