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Canon 5D Mk IV Overview Tutorial

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Visit http://sdp.io/tutorial for other cameras & SUBSCRIBE! Order the 5D Mk IV on Amazon http://help.tc/5d4 TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:16 What I Don’t Cover …


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  1. get this or the sony a7III? What I love about canon is the body, I shoot a lot of wildlife and landscape so I am outside a lot and I like the ruggedness and durability of the canon. Whereas with the sony the body seems less rugged and not being able to hold in extreme conditions such as rain.

  2. My Mark IV is currently being posted to me..

    With the "Rate" feature.. Can you reverse the rating so the 1st time you press the button it starts at 5* and goes down instead of up? I just can't imagine myself rating anything at 1 star and not just deleting it off the bat.. I am more likely to rate something 4 or 5* in the field.

  3. Hi Tony – great tutorial. Here's my question: on my 5diii once my back button focus was set, I could use the multi-controller in live-view and drag the point to another area of the image and it would adjust the exposure for that new area. In the div it's not adjusting when I drag the controller toggle around the screen. Is there a custom control that allows you to do this with the div?

  4. Tony – Insanely helpful videos. I'm a videographer whose company just got the Canon T7i and D5 MK IV. I can't begin to tell you how helpful your videos are for getting up to speed quickly with the new gear. Your list of time codes for each topic is the icing on the cake for fast reference. Your entire production is about as professional as it gets. Thank you.

  5. I know this is an older video, but I hope you or somebody can help me with my focus issues on my Canon 5D mark 4. I'm using the canon 70-300 f/4.0 is usm 2. The shutter speed I use is about 1600 to 2000, ai servo. I've tried all focus points, and single focus point. Well yesterday I took over thirty shots of eagle's that were flying about 150 feet in the air, and not one was sharp. Could it be simply because the eagle's were to far away for that lens, or do I need to change some settings to get better results? I am not a fan of back button focus. Pls help

  6. Awesome video, my 5d Mark IV will be here on Wednesday I purchased the 24-105mm F4 lens, I wish I had the money for the 24-70. I also purchased two of your books I look forward to reading them and becoming a better photographer.

  7. Great video. I have had my camera for about a year and learned a few things. Just picked up a Sigma 14-24 2.8 art lens and it compliments the Mark iv well. Love watching your videos when I am trying to get information on a lens or camera!

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